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  1. That thread along with Bushman's comment towards the end (involving how he deals with Sperm) had me realize literally this whole fucking thing is a mistake and a big whole waste of time. Still funny though, especially being caught in the hall from the hall monitor.
  2. There is no denying that. But he kept Kroos quite as well distributed the ball brilliantly in the Fa Cup and CL final. Still has quality that he displayed in the start of the season. Should he start next season? Hell no. Does he provide a suitable squad role and coverage? He most certainly does rather than spend more money on another
  3. Of course they did but was deemed as not a majory issue, hence me bringing it up as an unpopular opinion. Basque players preferred a similar request but no where near as arrogant as some Catalans nor regarded our nation as rival or separate
  4. His claims of Catalonia separating from Spain and the ideology that they should play for their own national team. During the Copa Del Rey in 2011, he had an argument towards Iker and made statements such as, " Watch us dominate your country and watch us win your own king's trophy"
  5. Hasn't done enough to be proclaimed as the perfect manager. Even when he goes to Bayern, he has a world class team waiting for him already
  6. Guardiola hasnt done enough to prove he is the perfect manager
  7. I like Dortmund as a club and their current system. I hope it stays like that and no one claws over their players and manager. They are what I wish Forest did, re-emerge on the world stage
  8. Decent didn't win us the Fa Cup and CL. His passing and general skill of distributing transition was above average and to sell him, wait for it, would be mad as he would provide a great squad player. Similar to when Essien/Ballack and Mak all started before him yet he provided stable coverage for them
  9. Mikel is in a bad run of form. It would be mad to sell him considering his play when he is on form, particularly during the end of last season and the start of this season. Squad player at best next season
  10. Anyone knw how to submit an article? I'm currently working on one
  11. How is that UN popular? Even Didier didn't like the twat Pique's statements towards Casillas should ban him from the Spanish National Team as well as all Catalans who feel the same.
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