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  1. Di Marzio: Milan has made initial inquiries for Joao Moutinho & Illaramendi.
  2. it does... in google translate at least. But i always thought "Falta" is a foul or something like that...
  3. Di Marzio - Juventus looking at Witsel. He'll bring an update soon... Earlier in the window, Di Marzio talked about WItsel as Juve's replacement for Pogba, if he leaves.
  4. Chelsea to bid £33m for John Stones after defender hands in transfer request at Everton (Telegraph)
  5. Have a look at the latest tweets from @mohd_tagaya For me it seem like complete bulshit. He's starting with the excuses.
  6. I think i have more followers and im not even tweeting anything.
  7. Thats nothing new. Fabrizio Romano = Di Marzio. At least they publish the same news, and Romano works (or worked) for Di Marzio.
  8. Are you sure there was a number for baba to begin with? (in the online store)
  9. nadavTKL


    Getting another #10 when our central midfield isnt sorted makes no sense. As long as Cesc-Matic is our pivot and Mourinho plays Ramires in every big game because of that, we need a midfielder who fits to every kind of game. Coutinho wouldnt change a thing about our balance, Pogba and Koke will.
  10. The full name thing is just horrible, i mean who came up with this? why would anyone think its ok?
  11. Arsenal are not signing Lars Bender... people never learn.
  12. Why some people are talking about Stones like he's the only CB we should get? i didnt followed him too well but i find it hard to believe that he's that special. Everton dont want to sell for 30m? ok, thats the maximum i would even consider for him and im happy the club isnt going crazy about a 21 yo CB with one good season. Its already a big risk in 30m.
  13. United are really getting pathetic. Ronaldo, Bale, Ramos, Muller, Cesc two summers ago, now Neymar? thats what you call overreaching. Their window started well, but for the third summer they are getting clueless. No new CB, no alternative for the awful Rooney, no replacment for Di Maria, De Gea dont want to stay or even play.
  14. lolz if we give them Ramires+Cuadrado loan+money... that would be too good, while still having Oscar in the team.
  15. Its a concern only if its even in discussion, we dont know enough (or anything) to be worried about details.
  16. Seems like every day there's a new middle eastern looking guy who know everything about the deal
  17. There are exceptions, Vidal-Bayern came out of nowhere.
  18. Sergi Domínguez ‏@FutbolSergi Mourinho told Chelsea officials that Pogba is a must after today's game against WBA. A new bid expected soon.
  19. Right now, City's attacking game is just great and i think they'll keep get their wins. We need to keep a reasonable distance from them, because it wont continue for a full season, we know City and their main players problems.
  20. "Schurrle type of player"? he's so so so much more. I was dead wrong. I had doubts about his form, age, and his overall game, but im sold after this game. I know nothing and i love it. Midfielders who play for Barcelona, its always confusing. Alexis? looked a bit limited there, Song? looked awful technically when he's very descent for Arsenal and West Ham. When you play with Messi, Iniesta and Xavi you look bad. From this one game, i think Pedro is EXACTLY what we needed. So happy we got this RW finaly. Keep it up.
  21. Thank god, thank everyone who needs to be thanked that we won this game. I cant even imagine them scoring 3-3, would have been a nightmare. Pedro amazing, iv'e been so wrong and i LOVE it.
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