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  1. I think his future is in PSG/Juve/Barcelona/Real, cant see him anywhere else for the next 2-3 seasons. He said he would want to play in Italy again and if he'll have a big season you could see Real moving for him. Our fantasy for next summer should be Vidal wanting to reunite with Conte, as long as we finish top 4 of course..I feel like he could be a superstar in PL.There are also Isco, Saul, Thiago, Nainggolan, who could might be available, depends on what happens this season. I think we should look for 2-3 players coming for the 4-1-4-1, because Matic, Cesc, Oscar and Willian cant make
  2. where is he going to play? and when?
  3. We sold Luiz for 50m EUROS. I think we'll buy him for the same amount, or whatever PSG want, club is desperate.
  4. We didnt do anything to get the first two, and no reliable reports on De Vraj.
  5. The 3rd striker barely plays when you play with only one. If Conte thinks its enough i cant disagree with him. 4-2-4 is going to be played from the start only if Batshuay and Costa will be in great form, Remy wasnt going to take any part of it anyway. And if a big name like Lukaku isnt coming, then obviously the 3rd striker is going to play very few minutes.
  6. Obviously we're staying with just Costa and Bats, it was clear since the Lukaku rumor went down. Fine by me.
  7. I understand from Seria A fans that he was arguably the league's best left back last season.
  8. Are you sure Rudiger was that close? Don't remember this story.
  9. Wages reported by Italian sources - Net. Wages reported by English sources - Gross Its always like that.
  10. xPetrCechx, where are those SKY reports coming from? i cant see nothing on Twitter.
  11. Im looking at your post asking "who the fuck is Kevin Ashburner from KAAISM NZ", and than i see its you... Great. James is coming then.
  12. http://www.sport-english.com/en/noticias/futbol-internacional/chelsea-are-talks-sign-real-madrids-james-rodriguez-5333389 Should wait for Madrid papers. Sport based in Barcelona.
  13. Mangala to Napoli makes sense. Who knows maybe Sarri will get something out of him, Koulibaly's succses last season came as a surprise as far as i know, and they're at the same age.
  14. Napoli are also targeting Diawara and close to sign him apparently. They wont buy both i guess.
  15. Such a strange saga. I mean, are we really in for him? still? did we made an offer already? and what about Costa? is/was he connected?
  16. According to who? Replacing Matic for Matuidi seems perfect for us, and so easy to do. Just sell Matic to Juve and get Matuidi - Matic was the 1st choice for Juve according to GDM. Matuidi-Kante-Oscar/Cesc. Maybe Conte dont want to give up on Matic because of his hight? without him we're very short.
  17. Matuidi seems available, also Joao Mario. I think its a bit strange Conte is OK with Matic in that B2B role, but we'll see. About James, I think the best possible spot for him in Chelsea is the RW role, he's also a left footer. That would mean Hazard-Costa-James, with Willian/Oscar/Cesc/Matic competing for the 2 roles infront of Kante. He could also play in midfield with Matic and Kante behind. I doubt this will happen, would probably need the exit of Cesc/Oscar.
  18. But what about the midfield? Oscar-Matic? Oscar is Oscar, a question mark that we've given up on, but maybe Conte didnt? Matic have no place in the team when Kante is the single holding DM in this 4-1-4-1/4-3-3. He did well defensively but he's not a player you want in attacking areas, at all. If Conte wont play Cesc as a starter because of his lack of energy, i wonder whats the plan. Surely we'll get another CM if thats the case.
  19. If we're staying with Costa, Bats and Remy it just means we'll play with 1 up top most times, which is good imo. Matt Law also says Conte wants a CB (Koulibaly) and maybe CM (Maia) and another defender.
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