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  1. With our current squad i think 4-3-3 is the best (and maybe only) option. With the three you mentioned in midfield and Willian, Hazard and Costa up top. To play 4-2-4 we'll need another CM who can play regularly next to Kante (Cesc and Matic can't - Cesc is a bad defender and Matic a bad attacker), and another ST so we'll have at least 3 good STs. For 3-5-2 i think we'll need two more CBs. Terry and Cahill are not good enough imo. Im good with that 4-3-3 tbh, but besides a CB and FB, another good CM would be great.
  2. Di Marzio and other sources talked about it when it happend last summer. I thought everybody knew that.. Anyway, the attack on our board could still be relevant since the board woke up so late, with those August 20-30 bids for Pogba, Manolas and Marquinhos. But to say that Roman doesnt want to spend a lot of money anymore and shit like that (shit that i read on twitter) is proven to be false.
  3. I think he'll fit well here, seems like a Wiliian-esque kind of signing. We got to get two new CMs, and he's a good alternative for Nainggolan as B2B i think, with his energy and ball skills. And he's also very young. Cesc-Kante-Mario could work well, or even without Cesc if we're going with 4-4-2.
  4. I dont know... to me its like saying Lewandowski is similar to Messi.
  5. Dybala is similar to Morata? Dybala is ten times more technical and quick. no room for comparison in my eyes.
  6. Every Juve fan i know says Mandzukic is better than Morata, for now at least. There's a reason why Morata was only a sub when mario was fit. Paying 50+ milion on Morata is fucking crazy. Cant see what our board is thinking. You pay this kind of money on special talent, Morata is not special.
  7. PSG got that Polish DM, Mourinho is going for Pogba... looks good.
  8. But how can we play 4-4-2 with Cesc? Conte surely wont play Cesc with only one CM next to him. A diamond formation is the only way, and that means Hazard/Willian wont play, something like this: ---Matic--- Cesc-Kante ---Hazard-- Costa-Morata
  9. Do you really think he's that good for this big money? im not sure.. And what buying him means? playing him together with Costa in 4-4-2?
  10. I really wanted us to sign him last season. I want to say it could be the signing that will let us forget about the Douglas Costa saga... I dont know if he could be a regular starter though. Hazard and Willian will play on the wings every game certainly, and Conte surely wont play with Cesc in a double pivot regularly (means we'll play 4-3-3 probably). Thats why we're after Naingolan. But, i do think we need another option for attacking midfield. I really dislike Pedro's game, and against the lesser teams we'll have to have a more attacking formation as an option. And its not like Br
  11. Why not sign Kante and Vidal/Naingolan? Im pretty sure that Conte is going to play 4-3-3, he wont play Fabregas in a two men midfield. Vidal-Kante-Cesc looks great to me. With Willian, Hazard and Costa/X up top. I like Matic but he looks like shit all season, im not sure we should count on him. And a CB like Bonucci or Marquinhos, and a striker like Lacazette to compete/replace Costa.
  12. https://twitter.com/FFC_JM?lang=he Joes's son is a Barca fan playing for Fulham U16? wtf, you cant make this up.
  13. Usually im very passionate about Chelsea, thinking about the team all the time, reading everything related to the club... but this season i felt like i lost my Chelsea. I just watched the games, sometimes got a bit mad, but tbh i wasnt too bothered. I just knew we're shit and nothing will change, and all of our big plans/fantasies about the club have gone to trash... the skies have fallen and nothing will be the same from now on. Today i felt like my Chelsea is back, for a bit. I reacted to our goals, i was nervous about Sunderland's attacks... i felt like it was way more than just 4 months si
  14. Lewis Stamford ‏@OhPitchPlease Hiddink to replace.
  15. God i hate UCL draws, same games all the time. And obviously Barca-Arsenal and Bayern-Juve, 2/3 of the best games, are being played at the same day. And it always happens.
  16. I asked seriously which players are believed to be "part of the problem", not you specifically. When i think about Chelsea right now im thinking "its all shit", but i guess that fans here elaborate about any of the problems we have. Im kind a happy i dont have the energy and time to do it this time. Im just watching the games and thats it, maybe i grow up or something? thats sad.
  17. I didnt follow the forum for months, so which players are dominating the "Please sell him" list?
  18. nadavTKL


    My man! The only positive thing from this season for me. Our best player right now, by miles. I dont think its a good thing, but its the truth. I have so much respect for him, always gives the 100% no matter how shit we are, no matter the problems in the dressing room and whatever happens with Mou.
  19. Hazard's only problem is motivation. With minimum motivation he's better than Bale and Isco, with normal motivation he's better than James and any other AM who played for Real in the last few seasons except Ronaldo (who plays like a striker this days). Him leaving this summer would be a disaster end for a disaster of a season. A season that would take us years back.
  20. So did he really 'Liked' someone's post saying he'll play for Real Madrid?
  21. I mean, what does it mean that a manager is not suited for a certain club? does Chelsea have a certain style that it needs to protect?
  22. What does it mean "Not suited for Chelsea", which Chelsea are we talking about?
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