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  1. Lukaku's is faster than Drogba ever was. :/
  2. Vlaar is slow as sh*t, so starting Lukaku might be the best option in my (biased) opinion.
  3. Double interview with Lukaku Already posted, sorry! But for those that didn't see it then.
  4. Lukaku just needs assists and goals. He's got 1 of both in two halves. Maybe don't expect too much?
  5. Just confirmed by all big Belgian media outlets and by KDB's manager: De Bruyne will NOT go on loan again, as decided by Mourinho. He will start training with the rest of the squad July 8th and will be in Chelsea's first team next season. Expect English media reporting on this soon.
  6. They left Adebayor completely free from pressure. :/
  7. Well, this was what SkySports said on their match report: "Man of the Game - Is there a better forward with back to goal in the Premier League than Romelu Lukaku? The forward has strength, power and pace and was a cut above anything else at only 19 years of age"
  8. He's not ready to be the first striker at Chelsea. Yes, he's brilliant sometimes. But he also has 1 out of 3 games where he does absolutely fuck. But I agree that he's already too good to be Chelsea thirth option. His progression would be halted and besides a heavy injury, that's the worst that can happen to him football-wise. So for me it's either a loan to a better team than WBA or give him a second forward position at Chelsea.
  9. Chelsea wins no matter what. They sell him, they make a huge profit on him. They keep him, they got an excellent goalkeeper at their hands.
  10. Nic!

    Eden Hazard

    I respect Henrique's feelings about Hazard, I also read that, since you're Brazilian, you see a lot of players who can dribble 3 or 4 players. That doesn't make them great players. Totally agree. You feel a lot of Belgian fans here are biased towards Hazard, again, probably true. But then you say 'Neymar is the only U21 player who is worth that money', etc.. So isn't that the same thing? Your Brazilian heart speaking (which is perfectly normal)? Neymar hasn't proved anything in Europe. He is a player who can dribble 3 or 4 players. But you say yourself that that doesn't make a good player. So
  11. KDB could play more good games than Hazard, tbh. And I think Hazard is great. KDB sending out on loan was really not necessary and a misjudgement on Chelsea's part to net even let him finish the USA tour with the squad. He has more than qualities enough at this moment to be a starter at Chelsea. And I don't say that lightly. Lukaku is nowhere near the readiness of KDB.
  12. Here's a real interview with Lukaku about his loan, Chelsea and his feelings overall. So no media over-exaggerating, just the things like he said them: http://www.wba.co.uk/news/article/lukaku-bully-olsson-is-good-for-me-558122.aspx?pageView=full#anchored
  13. Long gets more minutes but is more useful for the team. But give Lukaku the minutes both Long and Torres have had, he will score more goals. But he'll also frustrate the hell out of you. Everybody was moaning a bit at Lukaku during the WBA game against Norwich (lack of work rate, always asking the ball, etc). But then he heads home the winner just before the end of the game and everybody shuts up. That's Lukaku. That said, he also have played games were he was very good at linking up play. But that's mostly when he comes on as a sub and just plays with the tired defenders like they don't exist
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