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  1. I'm confused. The arm doesn't count, right? That line seems incorrect. His knee seems to be the furthest out from the body parts that can touch the ball.
  2. Dude, he stayed onside for an eternity asking for the ball. The pass was really too late in this case.
  3. Lukaku was asking for it for seconds, should've gotten it way faster.
  4. As much as I get the Lukaku negativity, I'm not sure how he could've done that any better though. At that angle & speed, the finish was actually very good. But also very good goalkeeping.
  5. How is Zyech still on the pitch...
  6. Loftus Cheek slows down play so much, ugh.
  7. To be fair, they're insanely parking the bus.
  8. Lukaku is constantly freeing himself quite well actually, yet nobody dares to play him.
  9. Lukaku didn't do anything wrong though, he made the right run twice. :')
  10. While he has no way been faultless, I'm not sure what more we could have wanted from his first game. Except for that header to be in tbf.
  11. I think you underestimate the impact Lukaku had on the entire team. But no, he's not Messi indeed.
  12. No offence at him at all, given that it's his first game for Lukaku in over 50 days, but I think he's not 100% anymore.
  13. Lukaku's is faster than Drogba ever was. :/
  14. Vlaar is slow as sh*t, so starting Lukaku might be the best option in my (biased) opinion.
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