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  1. Man this would be such a great signing in the context of our window so far, not sure how willing Arsenal are to deal with us but they seem to be less pissed when Jose isn't around lol
  2. Cahill's season should be a 'fade out' season. Blood out Cahill, blood in Christensen. Of course this would've been slightly easier if we had Aké and Zouma putting pressure on our other two CBs but such is the predicament we now find ourselves in. I'd like us to sign VVD because even Christensen providing back up to 3 CBs (and Rudiger if you count him) isn't enough anymore.. But as always, should it not happen Conte must make do.
  3. But we kept 3? Surely if they each play 30~60mins per other game then they'll get more exposure and time than had we a large pool for varied positions?
  4. Lol chill dude. Let's see what happens come beginning of season. Seems Rudiger will be used RWB so it means Cahill, Azpilicueta, Luiz and Christensen are all competing for 3 positions. He'll be given time, like Musonda since we're only 2 wingers in for 2 wing positions lmao.
  5. Are we? All I've seen is Van Djik handed in a transfer request. Any of us, Liverpool or City will now continuously be linked with him until he eventually signs for someone.. Let's see what the next 20 days brings us but I see no reason why we can't still finish top 4 with what we've got now. Depth is a major issue, but hell play the kids lol.
  6. Either way he has to make do now, yeah he can go on about wanting more players but it look like we're not going to be having a mass recruitment policy. He made the most out of scraps last year, albeit we were down 1 competition. The objectives remain the same I guess, top 4 and a decent run in the CL..
  7. There's our one blessing in disguise, we'll see more of Christensen, Boga and Musonda...
  8. Meh, even Falcao is scoring for fun in France now lmao.
  9. Essien and Drogba were in Roman's exec box on Saturday, does that mean they're signing with us too?
  10. Wow, £10m?! Best of luck Bamford, that's too good to turn down for someone who's not really featured on loan elsewhere.
  11. I recall a fair few times he's been in good positions but poorly shot. Can't recall right now cos I'm quite stoned but when I do, I'll come back to this
  12. Agreed. Obviously delighted he's got those goals, but he's still quite bad a shooting
  13. LMAO Payet causing more misery to Hammers. Fuck 'em right off kid. (On a side note, they should cash in lmao. They tied a 29-year old to a 5 year contract and are being offered probably excess of £20m on another bid)
  14. I remember a time where Negredo, Llorente and Soldado were some of La Liga's best strikers
  15. There's only one Obi, the rest are Kenobis.
  16. Worth it for the top bins
  17. Only scores worldies, what a player he's become under Conte! Cruel not to have grabbed a hattrick v Posh
  18. Man he's really calm and composed. Conte must have seen him in Italy prior and clearly Nat's learned composure on the ball on time on loan. With all the hype Loftus-Cheek received last season, the pressure was less on Chalobah and it's worked in his favour. It will be a good day when Chalobah, Ake, Aina and Loftus-Cheek are on the same pitch in a league game! (of course I know we're a way off that, but it's encouraging that it's more realistic than any other manager past)
  19. Wait, a manager that's using our resources among the youth to fill squad players instead of making fill-gap signings?! Exciting times indeed, good on Aké and Conte!
  20. Curious no-one sees him as a CB. Think he's been great for them there, benefit of Ake is he can virtually play anywhere across the back 6, so even more interesting people don't think he has a future here..
  21. For sure but equally hard to see him not playing the man he said is 'perfect' for this formation. Would imagine Pedro for 60ish (scoreline depending) and then Willian. Luxury of having both on form!
  22. On to what I was going to post about originally, Anyone find it fucking bizarre Andy Murray got knighted? . I will not be calling him Sir....
  23. Came here to post about something else but just came across this. Wanted to know about Acid. Never done it before but want to, friend who has said it changed his total perspective on life and you can hear it from the way he speaks now . Is it really that live of a trip? Smoke a lot of green, done MDMA once (want to again), but never anything that trippy. Also wondered, have you done DMT? That's one on the bucket list!
  24. This lmao. Come on guys, get over it. Plan B, which doesn't include Michy, works. If it hadn't he might have been Plan C. Who knows, frankly who cares.
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