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  1. i don't know how this guy still take wage at Chelsea, life isn't fair he can be whatever he want only footballer isn't , don't sell release
  2. only yesterday we understand deference betwen mount and jorginho
  3. mount miss more than whole team .. but is untouchable
  4. How the f... this guy isn't starting every game ??!
  5. He is English man that's why As long every ball go to him we aren't going to be champion
  6. This is brain damaged from media our worst players mount and pulisic
  7. Aston villa best player is pulisic i dont know but think this guy thinks is messi
  8. hope havertz stars ahead a pulisic ..
  9. hope havertz back for villa ..
  10. same line up like atletico please .. just swap ziyech with pulisic and Silva with Zouma
  11. i think it is time to move Mr untouchable at bench for next game .. he simply cant afford anything im sure he lose more possession than enter team and slow down game with jorginho
  12. even if we bring halaand or lukaku they arent going to score alot with this players around
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