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  1. As long we keep playing them ' we arent going to win anything
  2. 300% true i don't understand either , he always have been championship level
  3. problem is when the other players ( ziyech , pulisic , havertz , oddoi ) have a bad game they bench , but for mount this not worth
  4. Cant believe , he was player of season .
  5. nah isnt if u watch first half !
  6. if ziyech or anyone else start aheat of him we would win easy !
  7. Haverz should start , pulisic over havertz dont make sense !
  8. hudson odoi and alonso ,, they dont deserved to be at Chelsea great first half by the way !!
  9. Lukaku for a moment is better than haaland , i dunno why people here hate Lukaku
  10. i don't know how this guy still take wage at Chelsea, life isn't fair he can be whatever he want only footballer isn't , don't sell release
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