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  1. It is just first year at the club .. cant compares to rashford or vardy .. We used to have a lot expensive strike but i cant remember someone try hard as werner . Im very happy with him. In sure next year gona be a top of the list for goals
  2. I really dont get Chelsea fans making pulisic like messi level Come on support Chelsea
  3. I happy with formation ☺ I belive the tuchel
  4. I would take belloti ahead of lukaku ..
  5. We used to be strongest team on the league back on 2004 don't forget it Werner gonna be our just needs time
  6. i hope we dont make same mistake with werner and havertz .. like on past with De bryne Lukaku and salah give them a time
  7. It is first season even Drogba didn't have a great season .
  8. I dont get why Chelsea fans hate so much him. I support him .100% he gonna be our legend
  9. Good results tonight . I don't understand what most of you complain .. we got a good draw at Madrid .. they need to attacks next game
  10. Really problem is the mount and pulisic they don't nothings but Chelsea fans are blind werner werner
  11. Get out pulisici isnt team player
  12. as long gangster mount is untouchable.. come guys , even if we sing haaland our Midfielders will make him average player
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