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  1. player like pulisic should never play for Chelsea again he is complete disaster player ,,, cant even catch modric with 35 years let dribble or shot
  2. i bet Alonso and Pulisic cant make a XI of Lille they are awful
  3. haha this is like maffia lukaku mount ziyech does metter how the play , they start if i was havertz i would never stay at Chelsea
  4. out mount on second half bring someone else , cant be worst than him today
  5. i dont know how Chelsea fans rated so much Chelsea players , most of them 60%-70% are awful , u can see 99% they cant win a singel duel with opponents
  6. the real problem is our player cant beat 1vs1 expect Lukaku
  7. Why he bring pulisic this guy is useless
  8. As long we keep playing them ' we arent going to win anything
  9. 300% true i don't understand either , he always have been championship level
  10. problem is when the other players ( ziyech , pulisic , havertz , oddoi ) have a bad game they bench , but for mount this not worth
  11. Cant believe , he was player of season .
  12. nah isnt if u watch first half !
  13. if ziyech or anyone else start aheat of him we would win easy !
  14. Haverz should start , pulisic over havertz dont make sense !
  15. hudson odoi and alonso ,, they dont deserved to be at Chelsea great first half by the way !!
  16. Lukaku for a moment is better than haaland , i dunno why people here hate Lukaku
  17. i don't know how this guy still take wage at Chelsea, life isn't fair he can be whatever he want only footballer isn't , don't sell release
  18. only yesterday we understand deference betwen mount and jorginho
  19. mount miss more than whole team .. but is untouchable
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