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  1. https://twitter.com/fabrizioromano/status/1482217019126779909?s=21
  2. Losing Azpi, Christensen and Rudiger in one summer seems like a bit too much.
  3. I can't remember the last time I watched such a violent game. It's hard to blame Watford because none of the challenges were worthy of a red card but we were pretty close to lose another three players during the match. Shocked to see that Mount managed to pull through after the first half, I believe we will hear that he's unfit for the near future. At this pace we will be out of the race by Christmas.
  4. What a display by Mount. He is turning into such a versatile player!
  5. Will this thread ever be locked?
  6. I'm all in for Rajko but is there any rumours about him or it's only wishful thinking here?
  7. It's starting to remind me the Morata transfer what dragged along for weeks. I hope their careers won't look the same.
  8. I can't see how Chelsea get any money for him. And his salary makes it even harder.
  9. Is Rajkovic connected to us? or just a forum fantasy?
  10. Considering the fee and his wage, he is probably the biggest flop in the history.
  11. It's true, but we also bought the world most expansive keeper and now we are desperate to get rid of him
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