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  1. Why so I get dissapointed after if we don't get him? No thanks.
  2. People eating Romano's trash and believing it, it wouldn't have been so quiet if he agreed and would already having a medical if that was the case.
  3. Well done to Marina, keep praising this wannabe guys.
  4. And people were saying Havertz is done, looks like might not even happen at this rate.
  5. They will still delude themselves Aouar will go to them at least for another 2-3 weeks.
  6. What a joke so Havertz isn't anywhere near close to being done.
  7. "This will be the last match for Thiago Silva as a Paris Saint-Germain player. He's ready to leave and he's in talks with Chelsea for a two-year contract." @FabrizioRomano with the latest on Thiago Silva!
  8. Wasn't it reported they lowered it to 95?
  9. Marina playing 50 millions for Chilwell and refuse to pay 5-10 more for Havertz? Unfortunately I can see this as well.
  10. Go and read the last 15 pages most are extremely happy he left for this sum, there are few sad on the price but the majority don't even care he left and are happy on the potential replacement who can improve them. Even his player thread was infested with members saying he is shit and wanted him gone. As a matter of fact the Bakayoko and Drinkwater threads first pages look almost identical to this one where people defend them for any reason under moon, unfortunately we know how those ended. I'm not kin on this transfer one bit, you don't pay 50 mil for a player who is maximum at the same l
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