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  1. What are you arguing about? Is werner actually being used like a Hazard or a willian? Where he is simply pinging crosses in the box or he is trying to take on players and trying to be the playmaker? Sure as hell is not. The heatmap showed his involvement as much centrally as a wide player. Did not I use the word "traditional"? So? You can see world class potential in a player and pre-emptively try to avoid him leaving rather keep playin him. Wait, did not you want FL to want give Kai the Puli treatment, yet want FL to put CHO in the deep end of the pool when he does not think he is rea
  2. I did not expect this to be the season it is turning out to be. Did you? Did anyone? People expected Leicester, everton, soton, WHU, Wolves, Villa to be within just 6 points of 2nd place with more 1/3rd of the season played when the season started? I did not. 80 points would have been fair objective at the start of a normal season for me. But given how its gone, you have to change the objective. Exactly. At that moment, it simply felt that he did not know what to do and how to use. I always felt (since the restart when we did play kante as a 6), that Kante was the best option with 2 no
  3. i dont know what you seem to have understood from the bolded part, but I think its pretty self-explanatory. If you think werner, is playing like a traditional winger, then good for you. I cant argue then. Ofcourse, if he plays, as a LW, he has to maintain position specially in defence, he cant get into the dangerous positions specially in transition. But given how much of the ball we generally have, and his position when we do have the ball, the point still stand, he is not being used as a "traditional winger". FL's lack of faith in CHO cant be equated to werner playing ahead of
  4. One of my main issues was the chopping and changing. I could not see a pattern of play, what roles the players used to play. What is wrong in that? I wanted stability and a stable formation. In one of the post, I say as much, "why did we change a stable 4-3-3 to 4-2-3-1". You can keep chopping and changing, but at the end of the day, if you are looking for a dynasty, then you play YOUR way. You dont see Liverpool changing their formation, you did not see Barca changing their way from 4-3-3. Also, if you give FL his due, its fine. But if I do it, its not? You can go from PRO FL to beating
  5. Except for the Wolves heatmap, they dont look as someone playing quite centrally? I would love his comparison with someone like SON who plays as a LW but basically drifts centrally when on the ball. I mean I am surprised thats a point of contention that when we are in attack, werner is playing as an amalgamation of LW and LS rather than a traditional LW. Obviously its a different role. And most of the people are willing to give him the time. But thats not the point. You can play a different position and still do the basic things well. He is not. Also, you cant say he is not being used
  6. I can say the same thing. Its easy for you to say that the formation change would have worked, when it could have made things worse, with destabilizing our mid and defence along with our attack. And who is talking about accepting "the fate". Simply stating the fact, that was never going to be an easy fixture, regardless of the formation (given our injuries). Using that one point to beat down FL when it made lesser sense to change the formation is mindless. The 4-3-3 was working well because of the mid. And we had the same mid. Our attack has been hit and miss all season long. So I disa
  7. FL persists with 4-3-3 because thats the formation which gets the best out of our current available midfielders and defence. Kova and Mount are not pivot players and will always struggle in a 2. Kante as a 6 and as a wall ahead of our defence makes us stronger and better defensively. In attack, irrespective of the formation, we would have struggled with our injuries. So you dont just forsake something which has worked so well for 17 consecutive games. We would have struggled in the everton game regardless. We have been struggling there for years and years. And if FL had changed the forma
  8. Its a team game. And players need to play accordingly and as a team. I had read an interview when we bought werner and he himself had said that he had liked FL's vision and did not want to be hen-pecked in just the CF role. We are without Ziyech, CHO just came back from injury, so what were/are our options out wide? Tammy? Giroud? Out of all available options, Werner is the best available option. Also, he is not playing as a traditional winger, definitely not staying out wide and simply supplying the width. If he was being asked to do THAT, it would have been wrong tactically. He is playi
  9. Mendy Azpi zouma Silva Emerson Kova kante mount Ziyech/CHO Tammy pulisic Bench werner and keep Kai out of the team and we win this.
  10. Criminal how under the radar Tammy has gone this season. I feel he has been our best striker so far. If puli and ziyech are fit, they should be flanking Tammy.
  11. I thought our midfield instantly got better as soon as kante went to 6 and jorginho was subbed out. The trio of kova-kante-mount is industrious, has a ball carrier in kova, has a decent creator in mount and a wall in front of the defence in kante. Don't think the mid is the problem at all. I feel our attack has severely let us down so far. Let's be honest, werner could easily have had 2 goals last night, and he could easily be the top scorer in PL. Instead he is on a 8-9 game goalless streak. Puli has not been firing as you would expect him too, plus ziyech and puli injuries. Kai has been
  12. Given the fixtures. That's 8 in the +ve
  13. Ridiculous. 2 points away from 2nd. 6 points from 1st. Just ridiculous. Sack him, burn him, bury him alive.
  14. Over-reaction on here as usual. Job on the line... I wish every manager had a magic wand like we do on FIFA. Life would be so much easier. Also, win this and we will be 5th and just 2 points behind the 2nd placed Leicester. Lose this and we will be 9th. It just shows how close things are. One win and one loss should not decide the fate of FL. There have been a lot of positives to take from this season.
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