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  1. Honestly with these average players rumoured, United officially signing Sancho and being linked to Camavinga, Goretzka and Varane will take a break from the transfer window because it's already pissing me off, hope we turn around but I don't trust Marina even with Cech around.
  2. Well done to the board, dedicated to all the Ziyech guys on here who pretended we got the better deal while this guy will kill it at United for the next century as we most likely will be searching for a Ziyech replacement next summer, another masterclass from Marina.
  3. If rumours about Rice and Lukacow are anything to go by it didn't, both of them are Tottenham level at maximum no matter how many people tell me Lukaku improved or Rice is anything but an average overhyped English mug.
  4. Another English team, maybe us? Just kidding we to busy dick ridding that mug Rice. Hope Goretzka signs a new contract if he goes to United I will be fuming.
  5. Tuchel and club priotizing quality over quantity and linked to Traore, Lukacow and Rice LOL Can't make this shit up.
  6. Hope Havertz destroys and tears Rice apart.
  7. Cech trying to save our summer.
  8. Got excited when I saw this thread bumped but sadly nothing, I really think he would explode in a better team than Atletico.
  9. Hope they let Kante shoot.
  10. Well United might replace him with someone just as good in a few years if they get Camavinga.
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