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  1. VAR this you son of a bitches refs helping united and liverpool.
  2. I know and understand Tuchel is pragmatic at this point in time but we gotta take the game to them and attack, they have a trash defense, we gotta break them down. Hope Thiago is fit and able to play tomorrow we need him. Worst case scenario get at least a draw and keep up the pace until we get easier fixtures but going behind is not an option at this point of the season. If we fail to get Top 4 it's all Frank's fault in my opinion, we lost so many points because of his inability to sort a defense.
  3. Maybe a German can tell us more but isn't Bild somewhat reliable only for German players, whereas competing with Don Balon in terms of reliability for everything else? The article mentions he considers only 6 clubs as his possible destinations, but for starters this feels completely absurd by what logic would Haaland come to this conclusion in just March especially when the likes of Liverpool and United might not even make the CL whereas we might and how would they know what he thinks? Another thing I read today is that Haaland might be unsure of us because of our small chance creati
  4. All results going for us, going by all recent history with us means we will more than likely lose tomorrow sadly.
  5. Think the source is pure bullshit, for starters this is the same that said Mount was angry we signed Havertz and same one that said Kai had enough and wants to leave, they clearly hate us for taking all German talent from there. Add to that Bayern aren't even mentioned, Haaland wants to play for a top class club but somehow Bayern isn't an option whereas Trashnited who couldn't even get out of the group stages of CL and only sitting 2nd via penalties are, heck even Juventus is a joke nowdays. If Havertz is moved to play up top on a consistent basis, think a top class winger is needed,
  6. Isn't this same shit source that reported Mount was angry we signed Havertz?
  7. United an absolute top club, get real man.
  8. Who the fuck is this sack of trash reporter?
  9. Think Abraham would do good in the Bundesliga where the standards aren't so high.
  10. It doesn't matter who our 2nd or 3rd targets are we're getting Haaland for sure, can't see anyone giving the money needed except us since who are gonna be desperate to have a top class striker in.
  11. Give Dortmund Abraham and get Haaland, this guy is awful.
  12. Hopefully a ban for this dumb cunt.
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