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  1. You know were truly desperate when people start saying break the bank for Lukacow.
  2. Shithole of a season ending for us, only needed now is to fail getting Top 4 and its a complete disasterclass.
  3. Could be worse guys, Atletico just choked the title away.
  4. I don't trust this team to get the win, feels like full collapse happening.
  5. A draw might be ok all things considered, if Tottenham doesn't lose in the last fixture against Leicester and we win against Aston Villa we gonna pipe them on goal difference.
  6. We got Mickey Mouse Ziyech who cares about Sancho.
  7. Fuck your whole family you filthy ref.
  8. Should've put more money, fucking disgrace of a league, they are cheating like animals.
  9. Guys, close the streams and tv we all know Liverpool will win this game, stop being masochists.
  10. The worst is yet to come I'm afraid, last 2 matches made me very pessimistic.
  11. Wait until we see if we get Top 4 and avoid another December collapse after maybe.
  12. Need someone like Sancho who can actually create unlike that fraud Ziyech for starters.
  13. I hope people are shitposting when they say we already have to many attackers, one of the most disjointed attack in football with zero creativity and duds like Ziyech and Jorginho.
  14. Yes and makes the players celebrating even more embarrassing.
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