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  1. I have no idea. I guess it's possible but the Club may be understandably reluctant incase He returns sooner than expected. I'm not clued up on the ins & outs of such things though tbh.
  2. We have a senior squad of 25 players. So in order to bring another in, atleast one will have to be moved on. You would have to think Saul & Barkley would be the most likely from the Clubs thinking but how likely is this in Jan. It'll probably hurt Us but for this reason I'm expecting no activity for the here & now in Jan. (Unless there's a younger player We can promote or bring in). KTBFFH!!
  3. But yeah let's get a Coach that plays pretty football in a farmers league and then cry when they are found out and get the boot. I've been there Myself wanting Sarri Ball and all the Mysticism that went with it but it doesn't work in the Prem without an Unlimited Budget and the PGMOL onboard. Substance over style every single time for Me now. KTBFFH!!
  4. Flick almost certainly wouldn't have Won the League with Dortmund because it's pretty much a one team league. Which makes Klopp's achievements at Dortmund all the more impressive. At Chelsea We should be taking Managers when they have already won BIG Trophies. (Jose, Carlo, Conte). Not bringing in Coaches to improve Us a bit. KTBFFH!!
  5. I agree they will probably shape Us better but is it better that We want or the Best. I feel people look at the Squad and think Poch walks in and Bam We're just flying which is madness to Me. Plus if a Coach is so important then so is their CV. These coaches CV's atm are just Meh. I personally will be so underwhelmed if Poch or Tuchel showed up. It just reeks of Pretty Football and hopefully Top 4. Btw I wanna be clear, I'm not a Lampard Fan Boy and I'm not against Him being moved on under the right circumstances but not for just anybody. KTBFFH!!
  6. Why do so many of You want these coaches that haven't won f*ck all. Poch for example is currently a better coach than Lampard for sure and He improves sides but the fact remains He's won Sweet FA. I accept even the likes of Ferguson had to Win a first trophy and maybe Poch could come here and Win something but I don't think any coach should be cutting their teeth on the job. Unless We're going for proven winners of big trophies to take Us over the line what is the point. Unless it's an Allegri, Jose, Pep, Klopp, Conte or Carlo it's just another Coach to improve Us over a fe
  7. How bad must it be when so many are calling for serial bridesmaid Pochettino. Still, he improves sides to 2nd place I suppose . KTBFFH!!
  8. And Breathe.. Did take a while though didn't it, pmsl KTBFFH!!
  9. Chill Out Folks FFS. Some of the comments lately have been criminally bad. Perhaps a strong dose of Valium is in order or perhaps an even stronger dose of perspective. The deal is done, be patient. KTBFFH!!
  10. Are You a professional .. This place gets funnier & funnier everytime I look.. KTBFFH!!
  11. Holding onto Kai for one more season makes some sense for Bayer in a Footballing sense as He could, if motivated, be the difference in them qualifying for the Champions League. However there are no guarantees that a Player who clearly wants out will be in the right frame of mind to give His all. This leaves BL with a player who will go for significantly less than what Chelsea are prepared to pay even with a so called bidding war. There will almost certainly be more interested Clubs next season which would be bad for Chelsea but it won't result in more money for Bayer just more o
  12. Folks, just chill. Havertz will be a Chelsea Player by the close of the Window, it's a done deal without being a done deal. It might be done tomorrow or it might be done at the 11th hour but He isn't staying at Bayer and He isn't joing any other Club. It's done & dusted 100%. I know folks want it done a.s.a.p but these monster deals take time and nobody wants to blink first. When the terms of the payment are agreed it'll be announced but in the mean time relax. The Season has barely ended for Chelsea.. Calm Down!! Lol KTBFFH!!
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