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  1. Liverpool are playing well again and I think they'll finish above us. I see our best chance is actually finishing above Leicester, who we''ve still got to play at home.
  2. And rarely make the keepers make many good saves. Far, far too often we take too long to get a shot in and repeatedly over or under hit the crucial final pass. Furthermore, Mount is just about the only player who can score from anykind of distance. We must have the worst ball strikers in the entire league.
  3. TT has had enough time to have improved us enough for a top four place. Both managers will be to blame, along with those responsible for spending 250 million on players who've somehow made our team worse. Not a Chelsea player in the top 25 scorers this season with our top scorer netting a whoppng 6 goals. Its a minor miracle we're still in with a shout of top four.
  4. Yes, but again, at the end of the day he was right, and if RA and the board had listened to him we might well have gone onto to at least be very competitive with City and Liverpool over the past few years.
  5. They were Chelsea fans, not rivals. When Liverpool were in the middle of their slump, I even saw some of their fans laughably questioning the future of Klopp, so a few Chelsea fans questioning the future of TT isn't all that shocking. Its just how some football fans are these days.
  6. I know Gullit was sacked by Bates, but it was still a barmy sacking. As for Conte. He went from being uber enthusiastic to a right miserable git. He could see the problems coning if the club didn't sign the players he wanted and needed. We've been bang average ever since, so Conte was proved right!
  7. I'd say Rudi is the only player to have shown real improvement. Chilwell and James have got worse. Also, under Frank the defense also had a period when it looked more solid and we as also had a good, unbeaten run too. But, even now, we are still dropping lots of points against much weaker teams, still desperately short of creativity from midfield and still piss poor up front.
  8. It would indeed be "ludicrous" if it was any other Prem club, but nothing is too ludicrous for us when it cones to making rash decisions. Just remember, we sacked Gullit months after winning our first trophy in 20 years and when we were second in the league. Sacked a World Cup winning manager half way thru a season. Sacked Carlo after winning the double and finishing second. Conte, basically forced out. Sacking TT wouldn't be as shocking as any of those sackings!
  9. Fans on another forum are already wondering if TT will be here next season if we fail to finish top four or win the CL? I think our chances are now very slim and more likely to finish 6th or 7th, which is probably where we'd have finished if Lampard had stayed. I have no doubt RA will see that as a significant failure by TT, so what next? Unfortunately, RA still thinks quick fix changes of managers will get us back up there, like it use to do. Not gonna work anymore! Long-term rebuild or forget about winning the title!
  10. Too much money for the transfer and wages. Rather we started the rebuild from the back on a new keeper, RB (James is simply a crap defender) and creative midfielder who can actually pass a fooking football into dangerous areas.
  11. Would be a better fit for our style of play than Haarland.
  12. We won't challenge for the title again until we start making far better decisions in the transfer market. Over the last half a dozen years we've simply been buying too many mediocre players who've not improved the team or not even good enough for the team and moved out on loan.
  13. Makes me think back to when I heard a medical guy talking about Michael Owen having a weak hamstring which can never be healed and how it would cut short his peak years as a player. The medic said this well before Owen started to decline. I always thought that hamstrings could be 100% healed with proper rest, but the medic was sadly proved right. I just hope that Puli isn't another Owen, especially as he's one of the very few players we have with the level of ability we need.
  14. Oh, and by the way. I was probably watching Chelsea before you were born. Making 200 mile trips midweek, getting home and then going to work after 2 hours sleep. And that was when there were 15,000 of us left and when we really were shite.
  15. I made a short post then gave reasons why when questioned on it. I've seen lots of fans of other teams say they'd prefer not to have EL football.
  16. And then i'll watch Chilwell play shite and say I'd take Alonso at his worst. That's the problem we have in too many positions.
  17. I'm certainly not thinking of us being anywhere near title contenders next season, with or without Euro football. I'm not a fan of TT, but no manager can do much with these players. That's why I'm thinking of what's most important - fiddling along, hoping to scrape a Euro spot every year or accepting most of these players are simply not good enough and go for the long, hard job of a complete rebuild. 4 consecutive seasons of mostly shite and mediocrity. There was a time when we could get away with the quick fix with yet another change of manager and think no further than the next s
  18. It'll be very interesting to see how the fans take to TT next season.
  19. We're not a "terrible team" just a bang average one and have been ever since Conte's second season. Been fortunate that the likes of Utd and Arsenal have been equally piss poor for most of that time.
  20. I think it's an advantage to not have as many games to play. Need to put as much time as possible into a complete rebuild with new players that will seriously get us going again. The other way is to become another Arsenal. Rather take a step backwards for a while to then start going seriously forward again.
  21. Top four has gone! Just want us to drop enough points to miss out on Europa League now.
  22. Moderate level keeper and fb's as well.
  23. But why are people only saying it now that we're losing? We had runs of good results under Lamps but they only papered over the massive cracks.
  24. Have to say that was a great goal!
  25. But the best in the world at making 1001 five yard passes a game.
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