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  1. He is a a right-footer. He played zero times on the left this past season. The same his entire time at RM. Top flight Real every game was as a RB, ad then in youth Real games, twice as RW in 2016/17 (last two games of the year) and once (first game of the year) at RW in 2015/16. All other RM youth games were at RB. In 2019/20 (Dortmund), he played 3 times at LB, all 3 at the very beginning in August (twice) and September (once) 2019. They won one, drew one, lost one (a 1 3 thumping loss against Union Berlin). He played 6 other times on the left, but all but one were as basically a LW'er.
  2. If we sell/include as makeweight Alonso, we are fucked at LB if Chilwell cannot play, Emerson is pants for the EPL
  3. DC Says Batman Can’t Go Down On Catwoman Since ‘Heroes Don’t Do That’ Twitter was not tongue-tied when news broke that the show “Harley Quinn” originally had a scene where the caped crusader performed oral sex. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/dc-says-batman-cant-go-down-on-catwoman-since-heroes-dont-do-that_n_60c8f63ce4b02ff4d854c4f4 Too bad The Rock isn’t the CEO of DC Comics. On Monday, Twitter was aroused by quite the juicy tidbit buried in a Variety piece about a popular superhero series. Apparently, Batman absolutely cannot perform ora
  4. 'Love this news': Some Chelsea fans happy with reported links to left-footed La Liga player https://www.thechelseachronicle.com/transfer-news/love-this-news-some-Chelsea-fans-happy-with-reported-links-to-left-footed-la-liga-player/ A section of Chelsea fans on social media were pleased to hear the reported news involving Alfonso Pedraza of Villarreal. According to Calcio Napoli 24. The Blues remain in ‘pole position’ to sign Pedraza, who was recently crowned a Europa League winner. The 25-year-old played a major role for Unai Emery’s side last campaign, making 44 appearance
  5. WATCH: Woman pulls gun on Black family during mall confrontation in Washington state https://www.rawstory.com/video-shows-woman-point-a-gun-at-a-family-during-confrontation-in-vancouver-mall/
  6. most who say that are clueless Real Madrid plastic fanbois
  7. Switch Belgium for Portugal and that's my top 3, England 4
  8. he plays for Italy with 2 superb partners, especially Barella Barella on Chels could be a sorta Kante type its why I had a fit we could not sign him
  9. and the only partner we have that is good with him is Kante
  10. yes, Jorginho had a superb game if he would just stop the stupid big errors he makes with us like every 7 to 10 games or so
  11. I really think France is better with Giroud leading that line and setting up their monster wingers
  12. you never recovered from the offsides goal I was gutted when I saw the flag
  13. 2020 European Championship, Group Stage France Germany http://www.mysports.to/sports/2021/euro-2021-france-vs-germany-s1/ https://www.totalsportek.com/france-football/
  14. No Dominik Szoboszlai is a massive blow for Hungary he is by far their best player, by miles
  15. the last euros game between these two (in 2016) was insane let's hope for more of the same
  16. 2020 European Championship, Group Stage Hungary Portugal http://www.mysports.to/sports/2021/euro-2021-hungary-vs-portugal-s1/ https://www.totalsportek.com/portugal-football/
  17. Trump is looking like shit Trump's suit looked as though it needed a good ironing with his jacket and pants looking distinctly creased
  18. damn I reposted it, I did not see you had put it up, lol I put in the pics though
  19. A humble, funny great - with a little dark side: The real 'N'Golinho' Kante Plus, our Euro 2020 columnist explains why Timo Werner will come good https://www.telegraph.co.uk/euro-2021/2021/06/14/humble-funny-great-little-dark-side-real-ngolinho-kante/ It was Eden Hazard and I who gave N’Golo Kante his Brazilian nickname of N’Golinho when we were all at Chelsea together and I still use it to this day. Obviously, it was a bit of fun but it showed how highly we rated N’Golo and how we appreciated some of the parts of his game that maybe other people didn’t se
  20. David Squires on … real heroes and Euro 2020’s big kick-off Our cartoonist on the people who saved Christian Eriksen, plus opening-game memories https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2021/jun/15/david-squires-on-real-heroes-and-euro-2020s-big-kick-off
  21. An odyssey of glorious Euros failure for the home nations David Squires
  22. It would be a strange waste of Chilwell’s talent if he spends Euro 2020 on the sidelines https://theathletic.com/2650396/2021/06/15/strange-waste-chilwell-talent-euro-2020-sidelines-england/ Not many players have experienced a greater contrast of emotions in the space of two weeks than Ben Chilwell. On May 29, he enjoyed the finest moment of his professional career, starting, playing well and going the full 90 minutes in Chelsea’s 1-0 victory over Manchester City in the Champions League final. The quality of his performance, one of many for Chelsea in the latter stage
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