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  1. Lol. You think half our squad is "not good enough' and chat nonsense most of the time. Atleast if I am obsessed, its in a good way. Instead of continuously spreading negativity. And yes, out of the 3 CBS that have played, zouma has been the most solid.
  2. Lol Did not we win the league with him at LB. Why is it that Everytime someone disagrees with you, they have "no knowledge about this or that". Give it a rest. Given our options, azpi will have to play as a LB now and again. And this is the exact reason why we are looking to spend 70/80mil on a LB.
  3. Because zouma was our most solid defended. If even half of tomori's mistakes converted into goals, we would be in a massive whole. Obviously he is young and will make mistakes. And lamps did give him the time. It was after a lot of mistakes and a couple of poor performances that he was benched. Rightly so. Now that AC has got his chance and fucked up, u hope he will be the 4th choice from now onwards.
  4. So we should continue to play Emerson every game or Alonso? Cause those are our only 2 options. My God at the over reactions. Unbelievable
  5. I don't think the point of meritocracy is 1 game or even 2, games. It's a bunch of games.
  6. Fair. But it's not like a vvd to lovren situation. Tomori has made mistakes too, and if he was playing today and we had lost, it would have been why was tomori playing why not AC. That's how fickle the crowd is. Agree regarding mount.
  7. Hahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha.
  8. As you said Rudi is not here. So zouma/ac. Tomori was shit against city and also, made a string of mistakes. Luckily none of them cost us. Emerson was good, but was owned. Kante, jorginho and kova played together against city and were pretty abject in attack where we seemed to miss a link between mid and attack. Against Valencia those 3 played together and we were pathetic. And so lucky to get away with just conceding 2. So let's not try and rewrite history here. After the city and Valencia most here saw the missing link between attack and mid and we needed a no. 10. After cit
  9. Hahhahahahahahaahahahahahahah Hahhahahahahahaahahahahahahah
  10. Who would you pick. Given the players at our disposal. Who would you pick up Because as of this moment - zouma, ac, azpi, mount, Cho, willian are not good enough for Chelsea according to fans, and yet people expect us to win every game, so I would like to hear what is the team that fans would have wanted.
  11. True. It's not like one is a no. 10 and other are 6s and 8s. Lol.
  12. Willy Reece zouma Rudi Emerson Kante jorginho kovacic Willy Tammy Cho We have the quality to get the result, but obviously with such a young team and squad, it's understandable how much inconsistent we are. Need to be solid. Do the basics. Come on Chelsea.
  13. This. This. And so much this. What was the position that we were expected to get this season? Top 4? No one gave us a shot in hell. Top 6? Maybe. Top 10. Yes pretty much this. We have played well so far, but this season was always going to be a learning curve. Obviously we were going to have a hard spell, what the fuck did people expect? We were actually in a title race? This season was always about the positives, to see if these youngsters were the real deal, which they are. And then to build on it. People here are so entitled and plastic, I just can't believe it. Someone
  14. 2nd striker. That's it. Let giroud and pedro leave, they offer nothing. I mean absolute 0. And get someone like Werner or dembele. In the summer, get an LB. More than good.
  15. Kepa James zouma tomori azpi Kante jorginho Willian mount cho Tammy
  16. IIRC the whole first team played. There had to be some shit deeper than sarri should not have played him.
  17. I don't like sarri as much as any Chelsea fan, but let's point fingers where we must - the board. To keep that match was stupid. I am sure there would have been a clause of playing first teamers otherwise no manager in their right mind would have played any one
  18. By traditional DM I meant someone who is solely focused on breaking up the play. I don't see gubdogan/rodri as traditional DMs. If they are then they can hold a candle to the makeleles and essiens of the world. Jorginho is good enough. Kova as a back up is more than good enough.
  19. Have to disagree until we see who we are buying. The time for those traditional DMs is almost over. Its about defending as a team and a system. Before the international break, we played 6 PL games and conceded 4/5? Its just a point of Lamps getting the right/perfect system.
  20. I am surprised they don't have a movie made about you. Wow. Pub every night. Commendable. That is definitely comparable to training evry day and then playing his heart out 4 times in 10 days.
  21. Totally agree. I have always maintained we dont need a CB, its when others say that we should go for a "world class" CB, then I question which ones and if it wont be better to spend it in area where we are actually lacking in quality as well as quantity. As for the last line, I disagree. Just before the international break, we were all saying odes to jorginho. The guy has performed really well and just needs a breather. Kova, Kante, Jorginho, RLC, mount, gilmour/gallagher are good options. And if we do get a DM, it would simply hamper the progress of the youth. Imo, what we need is a LB,
  22. Gallagher, RLC, Kante, Mount. We have decent goals from the mid. I honestly think the thing we need the most, is a good 2nd striker and some goals from RW too. I mean we can see how good reece's final ball is. Add someone like Chilwell too, and our front 3 and mid will get a lot of chances, its about finishing those.
  23. Still don't hold a candle to your stupidity mate.
  24. Chukwueze looks like a good player. unfortunately another one that just signed a new contract for a 100m euro buy out clause.
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