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  1. Pretty much agree with the list. And my only point of asking that question (if you followed that particular convo), was to make a point that how many of these can we even realistically hope to get/pull away. None in the top bracket. No chance with VVD and varane. Koulibaly we have tried and infact went upto as much as 60/70m. In the lower bracket, marquinhos - no chance. The rest are viable but will cost a fortune. I would hope that rudi comes back and makes a great pairing with zouma.
  2. We have to take PSG into consideration. I dont think they as a club care about revenue. I mean they have spent 220m euros and 100+ on mbappe in the last 2 windows. Dont see why they would sell for 200m. If psg win a CL, and break the voodoo, why would mbappe even want to go into messi's shadow or RM, when he can be the main alpha guy in PSG and build his own legacy. Given all of it, the 200/250mil just seem like PSG would be willing to sell. Do agree about salary though. Wont be surprised if he is pulling messi-ish salary in a couple of years (when he is due a new contract). Irrespective, I fe
  3. True, I am the one who is stupid because I did not call a 10 PL goals in 13 games striker as the best choice among a pure trio. Piss off. Height of entitlement.
  4. 10 PL goals. Yes, a very poor striker indeed. Man some fans are seriously screwed up. You seriously could not make this stuff up. We have a 19 year old right back with world class potential, a 22 year old striker who has 10 PL goals and shoving it up "fan's" asses, a 20 year old CAM who has gone off the boil a bit, 21 year old winger proving all geniuses who thought was a "marketting buy", 22 year old CB who no one predicted to be a PL player before this season. And yet fans are cribbing. Actually fucking cribbing. Unbelievably. I mean what is the thought process in calling Ta
  5. Kepa James zouma tomori Emerson Kante kovacic Willian mount cho Tammy Pulisic should get some rest. 4 games in 10 days for a player who was not fully fit just 7 days ago is playing with fire. Btw, JT back at the bridge
  6. Because the players were not able to execute them. Not everything goes according to the plan and as expected and you take the easy route out, which was willian left wide open on the right hand side.
  7. Exactly. But i guess, we can go overboard and critisize anything and anyone today.
  8. It does not? Makes sense to me, only thing which is weird is, we olayed the complete opposite of it. Instead of stretching the defence, getting defenders out of their box for mid fielders to make runs into space, we ended up shafting the ball to willian and Reece who kept crossing it in. The way we olayed did not make any sense, but i can definitely understand what SFL said and his reasoning in the interview.
  9. Totally agree. 2nd striker and lb. Needs must.
  10. This is the real test. Not for the team, for the fans. It's a young team, there is a reason no top manager in the world likes to have a young team (Jose, pep, Carlo) because they are inconsistent. I expected us to struggle this season, and we have so far done much better than expected. But i always expected a bad run of results/performances and maybe we have hit that, or maybe we will come back strong in the next game. But this is where the fans will have to show their worth. Throwing mount under the bus already, really? He is fucking 20. Obviously he will struggle hete and there,
  11. Let's hope. Let's not forget about match fitness. It's one thing to be training and totally another to produce out there
  12. Giroud and pedro ... Oh well. Let's hope for the best.
  13. I am very sure we would have been training with the combinations of reece-emerson, reece-azpi ans azpi-emerson in the training. I mean for all purposes we have 3 proper full backs, and i am sure it would have crossed the mind of lamps to train with the apt back line. Irrespective, if we are building on a meritocracy philosophy, then it makes no sense to drop Reece for such a game, and personally i think he was very good. Azpi deserved the start over Emerson for Lb. With the power of hindsight, i have to agree on Andreas. He was really poor, but personally i wanted him to start and tomori
  14. In 2017-18, Chelsea had a record revenue of 443m. If we buy mbappe for 350m at a 400kpw contract, only and only mbappe would cost 90mil in amortized value and salary, which is 20% of our total revenue. Which is actually laughable. There is no way we can/will/should do that. (Not you) the fact that people still think that we should go all out for mbappe because of "net spend" additions and subtractions, is just lol,
  15. So you wanted him to continue with Emerson on the left?
  16. Won't be surprised if we go with a front 3 of mount-pulisic-willian (if CHO is not fit). By the way, what is the news on CHO? Fit?
  17. Any updates on Tammy? Let's hope there is nothing in the scans that he waz supposed to have today.
  18. Apparently back in light training. I would say a month till full fitness and 2-3 more weeks till match fitness.
  19. Lol. So every time a goal keeper is 1v1 with anyone, i am not expected to have him make a save. Seems a perfectly good use of 72m in that case. Kepa "did not" react fast enough. If he had, we would not have conceded. Stop making excuses. Thanks for the vid. Further evidence of if he had his arms fully up in the air, he could and should have parried it. Just hoping for it to go over. Poor goal keeping. Can you also post vids of his awesome distribution?
  20. No one marked soler and he shot the ball right next to kepa who should have saved it. He should have parried it. If in doubt, parry it. It's goal keeping 101. You dont fuck about crosses so close and take a gamble. And it was an easy parry if he had jumped or had gone to the ball, infact you can see him removing his hand. Also, let's talk about his distrivution, after kun in the last match, who did he give the ball to today? Pathetic. I am not making OTT conments, like "he is not good enough" or is a "championship level gk" that fans here love to make. Simply stating a fact,
  21. Giving away 2 stupid goals and the ball to the opposition strikers definitely does. The pen save does not change that.
  22. Willy Reece zouma Rudi Emerson Kante jorginho Willian mount puli Giroud If Tammy is injured, i hope we start with giroud rather than michy. With the highly congestive fixture list coming up, it's time to start to rotate. Hence why I would rest kova and azpi. Also hope Rudi is back in beast mode, we need someone to partner zouma. Kepa should sit out after "another" shit showing.
  23. I think tomori was very poor against city. True that Andreas was not any better today. Let's hope rudiger is back soon.
  24. Can't be "happy" with the result or the performance. It was a poor performance given how many chances we gave away. Given how good the partnership of jorginho and kovacic was and also how solid it was before the international break, it surprisng to see that a mid 3 of kante-jorginhk-kova is getting sliced open so easily despite Kante playing wonderfully and kova performing brilliantly. I feel tactically the players need to be tweaked. Zouma needs a good CB partner. Andreas was poor. Missing simple headers. Not covering for zouma (the maxi Gomez chance). Simple goal kicks were becoming ex
  25. I don't like to use this phrase, but "he is just not good enough". Honestly not good enough. I mean pulisic seems to have that eye for goal, i would seriously consider playing him as a false 9 with CHO and willian as wingers, but don't want to see michy specially if Tammy is oit for long.
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