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  1. What a performance, easily his best for us. We have an absolute gem at our hands.
  2. Exactly. I think this is a classic case of fans not knowing anywhere near of how much they think they might know.
  3. Okay. Hopefully we never see you on the forum and as a Chelsea supporter again. Cause he did choose mount and he will continue to do so and he will be our manager for a long long time.
  4. Maybe. But does not sound right. I mean it's an agreement between the clubs not the club and the player. What if boga demands 200kpw (hypothetical), just to put us off. But I also think the clubs would only put in buy back clauses with players they are fair certain would "want" to come back. So let's hope. As for morata, again not sure, but if I had to guess, it might have been something like : you get a raise of x% from us and then y% from Chelsea. At the end of the day, I can only speculate. All these dealings are far more complicated than "we should get this player at any cost".
  5. Always rated him and musonda. Was so disappointed it did not happen for them. But good to know he is back on track. But is barcelona is interested, makes it next to impossible for us to get him. Why would he choose us over barca. Even in a buy back clause, the player has to agree.
  6. Lololol. When will people here actually learning accounting, I mean they don't need to, but atleast the ones who blab on and on and on about it, should really try it. Hopeless
  7. How many times can the same person copy and paste the same false information again and again and in multiple threads. Almost feels like spamming.
  8. Was "PL" a condition too? Did not see in the previous post. Watch the liverpool goal. No matter if we were using zonal, you still have to have a basic sense of positioning. AC is taken away by wjinaldum leaving a massive gap between someone and alonso with alonso being behind. firmino (iirc) just strolls in and scores. The goal is totally on him. Also, we were 1-0 down, but had just scored a goal which was ruled offside and were playing well. Its not like we had put in the towel. Case in point, we would have got a draw in that game had alonso done the basics right. He has played 900+
  9. WHAT? League cup united. Both goals his fault. Liverpool - lost his man on the corner. Ajax, 3-1 down and had to be subbed. But what do I know, if the stat says we have not lost, it must be so. If you think Barkley is better than mount, then good for you. I can only say, lets take a poll and lets see how many think so. You would have your answer. He has been pathetic every time he has taken the pitch. But this is not something new. I remember Hiddink saying "as much as the team loses, the youth keeps getting better". I think he meant when the team is not performing well, fans just
  10. Alonso is also as likely to lose you a game. And barkley is shit. Take a poll and see how many wanted barkley and alonso to be frozen out, you will get the majority and your answer.
  11. Tammy is the 2nd highest goal scorer, so I am not at all confident.
  12. totally agree with the first 2 points. Regarding the 3rd. How can we even compare ourselves to arsenal. in the last 10 years we have 3 PLs, 1 Cl, 2 El. Arsenal on the other hand have been shit for 15 years. We have been shit for 5 games. And this is what is unbelievable. The amount of entitlement is OTT on her.
  13. kepa reece rudiger tomori emerson kante jorginho kovacic Cho tammy pulisic Not hopeful about anything in this game. Jose will be up for it without a doubt. Willian, zouma and mount deserve the drop. The 3 man mid of kante-jorginho-kova might be our best bet.
  14. Comfortable as in defensively. To be fair so were bournemouth. There is no where to hide, it was a pathetic performance. Not many (if any) positives to take from the game. Agree with pep, but I think our squad is in a much better shape than pep's was when he came in. Not quality-wise, but age-wise. We have a lot of players who are yet to even hit 60-70% of their peak. We have mount, puli, reece, tomori for whom its the first season in PL, tammy who is playing his first season with a big team. There are many positives from this season still despite the 4 out of 5 defeats and some very poor
  15. I think the gist of the post was self explanatory. It did contain a typo so I can get your point. It was "if we don't get top 4". Also the transfer ban is lifted but it's a January transfer window and we all know the kind of talent or lsck of it available then. But it's nice to know people already want frank out. Lol.v
  16. Most of us did not expect us to get top 4 without hazard and with a transfer ban. Infact most of us did not expect top 6. So I am trying to understand you pov, If we do get top 4, lamps should be sacked cause he showed what he could do by making us playing great football and giving us a top 4 hope? That seems perfectly logical.
  17. LOL. Try to understand what is written rather than running your mouth. "Thinking of sacking him right now" means that considering the thought of sacking him at the moment fact that despite any permutations and combinations of results in the next month is what is un-thinkable to me. I have always maintained that we need to sell giroud, pedro, michy, barkley, alonso at the least. That in itself are 5 players. If the CBs do continue performing the way they are, then we would need to upgrade there too. In any case 5 players to go/upgrade (list is given above). Try your addition and subt
  18. I think a lot of our problems might. I mean take today for example. How many balls did rudiger and zouma lose when trying to play the diagonal. How many times did azpi and emerson find themselves with a diagonal, but could just chest it and recycle it back to the mid or the CBs? These are the margins. Playing against an unsettled on the move defence vs a settled defence with every happening slowly. Also, how many times were there massive through the mid intercepted. A good ball playing Cb or 2, might be the exact thing we need. LB is a must. We did abandon our defensive shape towards the
  19. Write something not worth insulting and i wont. NO MANAGER ALSO GETS A SACK WITHOUT GETTING ATLEAST A SUMMER WINDOW OR ANY TRANSFER WINDOW (since i wrote it all in caps does my point contain more power) As i said before, I would rather be delusional than being a plastic who supports only for winning and is asking for the sack 4 months into the job when the said manager is STILL performing better than most expected (dont forget that most on here predicted that we wont finish top 6), we are forth, into the round of 16 of CL, into one of the biggest transitions and with a transfer ban,
  20. There is one thing to have a view, and totally another to be asking for the manager to be sacked. Defensive issue - Been there since the start of the season. Will be sorted with better personnel. Energy and hunger - we have no squad. He started giroud and pedro against a hapless west ham, and we were dire. we lost and people blamed him on taking things to easy. Today he put his best team forward, and people are still saying his line up was poor. I dont think so. I think the squad needs a revamp. The minimum we can do is give him one window atleast rather than have it all result base
  21. Of course it was an exaggeration, just like the exaggerated post of the other person. Mate, even thinking of lamps getting the sack right now is unbelievable. I seriously cant even understand why he is the one disposable for people when we have 5-10 players in the squad that need to either be sold or upgraded. The fact that people are calling for his head right now, is shameful to say the least.
  22. PPlastic? Hahahaha. Do you understand the meaning of the word plastic. You, the person who wants our manager sacked without even giving him a whole year is calling someone else plastic. The same person who writes up the same shit "transfer" deals as if its a child's job to do without having any actual knowledge of the accounts or the fact that there are other clubs and aprties involved too. "If marina cant get this done, she knows nothing" LOLOLOL. I might be a keyboard commando, but I would still say the same thing face to face with anyone saying that we should sack lamps. Unl
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