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  1. Is the "joking" only to when we should not sack him. Cause the post i quoted wants him sacked by the new year. I mean seriously WTF.
  2. Still better than being a fair weather plastic.
  3. If he loses every game from now till the end of the season, he should still REMAIN as the chelsea manager. He has shown a lot more positives than any of the fair weather fans on here expected in the summer. Yes, we are currently struggling and looking poor, but thats what happens with a squad of 16/17 players with no quality depth. We have incorporated youth, changed our whole identity, lost a top 5/10 player in the world without replacement and yet we are 4th in the league table with round of 16 in CL. Calling for him to be sacked on the first signs of trouble is not just irr
  4. Hahahahahha. Sure. I think he should be sacked today.
  5. If frank wants this "second rate player", then so be it.
  6. When arsenal bid 40mil, CP said they want 70m. I dont know where you are getting the 80mil quote. Moreover thats their asking price, does not mean thats what he will go for. Like people have said 40m + Michy would be a good deal. Michy has just 1.5 years on his contract so will be going for a bargain anyways in 6 months.
  7. 3rd choice in a 2 striker formation. Here he is 3rd/4th choice (puli as a false 9) in a 1 striker formation. massive difference.
  8. Have to agree with this. Moreover given the 0 trust lamps is showing in either of michy and bats, makes it essential to have a 2nd choice striker in the winter. Zaha seems to be the best option available.
  9. What does squad cost have to do with any of this? We go with a philosophy of one in and one out. If we have a hazard who we sell for 100m and replace him with pulisic for 60m, we are making money, but our squad cost is increasing as hazard was bought for just 30m. In short, we are losing quality, making money and playing better football than any of our previous manager could have us play that way. and yet you are complaining about how much our squad costed. Did you care to read about the context that I used "racism" in. It was just to say that not every opinion is worth respecting.
  10. Same here. Price tag aside, I am coming around the idea of zaha. And possibly dembele (Lyon) in the summer. We would have Tammy, dembele, zaha, pulisic, Cho, willian/new rw for 3 positions. Anyhow, if we were languishing in 6/7th with no hope of top 4, I would have said fuck it, all things to be done in summer when everything is possible. But given our current position and lamps' total and complete lack of trust in giroud and michy, we need someone right now. And zaha fits the bill well (in terms of back up striker and winger option).
  11. I think the only people coming off as entitled are the ones who are ridiculously wanting lamps out. Out for what? Reaching the knock out stage of CL? Changing the whole identity of the club and the way we play that "better" and experienced managers could not? Despite losing our best attacker permanently, not having our best CB till now and our best midfielder missing for large chunks of the season. And none of the injuries/transfers were his fault. So what do these "fans" want him out for? Just because he is inexperienced? Or that the young team was going through a hard spell that most knew wo
  12. Own goal was his "mistake". We differ in the understanding of the term mistake? If the kdb goal is counted as a "mistake" then JT made 10 mistake a season too with deflections and what nots, cause that is what happens when you put your body on the line. Most of the goals you have counted can hardly be called "mistakes". Definitely not personal mistakes. Collective mistakes. Soton goal was a mistake? That left back goes past 5 of our players but it's a zouma mistake? Like.seriously? That too from a fucking throw in if I remember correctly. Not having it mate. Not one bit. A st
  13. Please enlighten me about those 10 goals. Please do. I would also like to know what you entail as a mistake because when I am talking about tomori's those are personal mistakes. Not like the one where your keeper sells you short to be fucked by the striker. But go on, tell me those 10 goals.
  14. Kepa Reece Rudi Tomori/Zouma Emerson Jorginho Kante Willian Mount CHO Tammy
  15. Will suffice to say that we view ake very differently. Pointing to Bournemouth goals conceded is definitely not fair in my books due to their lack of quality anywhere on the pitch. I think he would be a definite starter for any club other than pool and city and even city I am not so sure. John stones, really? Yiu think ake is not better than stones. Well, just shows how different our evaluation of the player is. He is definitely better than the dross at North London clubs, the red of Manchester and most of our options. I can see why we would want him. A poor left footed LCB, somethi
  16. A back up for 50/60mil? I don't think so, infact no where near to it. He is higher in priority than de vrij in the Dutch national team, the same de vrij who is on a lot of fans' bucket list. As for comparison with zouma and ake. I seriously don't know what you are talking about. I mean his understanding of the game, ball playing ability, even leadership is miles ahead of those 2. Zouma might have been good at everton but no where near ake, who has been brilliant and a mainstay for Bournemouth. And that is the reason who was/is getting rumored with a lot of big clubs (2 of the best c
  17. He was been linked with Liverpool in the summer, so don't know what you are talking about. Bournemouth not able to tighten things up is down to a lot of different things. Quality of players around him, their style of play, the massive injury list. I don't think soton were a defensive machine even with vvd with them. Not saying ake is as good, but to say he is not a massive improvement on atleast 3 of our cbs is weird in my opinion.
  18. I dont we can call AKE a panic buy. He is a brilliant player who if we can offload Andreas and get him, it would be a perfect replacement. Him and Rudi would form a good partnership
  19. You changed your stance on zouma cause most of the people on here were praising his performances specially before the international break. Most people did not expect us to be in Top 6, so not making top 4 should not be a massive thing? Anyways, for me this season is a pass, it's about the gameplay and the positives. To know who can be trusted and if the youngsters are good enough, and then improving on the negatives. Arsenal or ac Milan have a young core of brilliant players? It's such a weird comparison. I mean arsenal's 31 year old captain of 2 months now apparently wants out, the
  20. Obviously I understand. Its the "fans" on here. That don't. I have already seen "positives" enough to see that lamps has a direction to take us forward. Yes, there are a lot of issues and teething issues, but obviously there will be. But this season is about getting to know who we can trust and keep for next season. Who is willing to adapt and improve on them and the team as a whole.
  21. Hahaha. What you exactly said is "you won't have an issue with people who broach a new manager" which definitely does not equate to "consideting lamps out" right? You really are a massive band Wagoner. Just parrot out some shit and try to come out looking like you actually fucking have a clue about things. Just like your "hey I can add and subtract so I know how much money we have for transfers" Give it a rest. And also let THIS board decide what? THIS board had unanimously decided that Tammy was a championship level striker or a donkey or a so and so. The fact that yo
  22. Sure mate sure. No one is good enough. Sell them all . Lamps out. Sell the club too. Ridiculous. Tomori has been good. As good as a young player playing his 1st season can be. But the number of mistakes he has made, he can't be considered as the best. And that is not because of a run or not. It's based on the performances both have put. But don't worry, continue with the sell them all agenda.
  23. Hahaha. You are freaking talking about "considering" being lampard out and you have the fuck balls to say "tosh" to someone else's opinion. Hahahah. Oh the irony. And yes, azpi is an adequate Lb when compared to Alonso. Because Alonso is a pathetic defender. Understand that. And hence we are playing azpi at the moment. The fact that you can even "consider" lampard out shows exactly the type of person and fan you are. So lol.
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