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  1. Klopp made the same mistakes too. And that's the point I am trying to make. These guys play a certain way and a certain brand of football. Look at what 2 world class players has done for klopp. Tell me his league positions and goals conceded in his first 2 seasons at pool. Stop beating lamps with the experience stick and making a mountain out of a molehill. A lot of our problems would be solved by better players.
  2. Hmmm. I hope Liverpool felt that same way about klopp when they were finishing 10th.
  3. We hav not been nearly as good without kova in the mid. Hope that changes today.
  4. Cech is obvious. Only competition is tibo (average) and kepa (lol). Jt - 4 good years. A season where he played 38 games and won the PL. Gc - no doubt. Iva - 5 great years. He was in his prime. Before that horrendous downfall. Cole - hmmm. This can be classified as "interesting". But also, who else? Bertrand? Luis? Emerson? Alonso? Baba Rahman? I personally would have gone for azpi. But you can see why people would go for him. Another "3 solid years" argument. Kante - no doubt. Lamps is obvious. 3 good years out of him this decade. Just shows the lack of quality
  5. I have every right and I will dare to question your loyalty. Anyone who would rather diss on a player rather than watch the derby against bloody arsenal has to be,, well lol. And give your moral high ground a rest. What have I lied about? You are currently dissing on 4 of our STARTERS. Let's not even get to the other members of the squad like Barkley, Alonso, giprud, Pedro, etc. "You can't understand how some fanbase can argue" and I can't understand how some do what you do. Which is fans dissing over their own players. So like I said before, stop playing the victim and taking the m
  6. Agree. But there are still aspects of his game that he needs to work on so diligently. First is not to lose the ball when he comes deep. Did that against soton and we conceded. And now same thing yesterday. This is one aspect that I feel he should learn from willy.
  7. Great. So hopefully we buy 2 lbs in the window.
  8. To be very fair to emerson, he started the season well.
  9. I rated him too. But honestly not as much as being the 3rd top scorer. For me this season was always a freebie for the young guys to be blood in and to see who has it so that we can peesist with them. So far we have got Tammy, mount, Reece, tomori, who are a definite positive.
  10. I don't know about that. Honestly. I mean imagine watching a derby. Being 1-1. On top of arsenal in every form, because we were since the tactical change. But instead of watching the game and supporting and hoping, you come online just to ridicule a player. And not just "poor performance from Tammy", but to actually seek out a quote from 3/4 months back and reply on it. The whole concept is so foreign to me. And also, it's about the volume. According to the person in question, 20 out of 25 players on our squad are shit. Its all negative negative negative. And it's always negative. I mean
  11. What the fuck is on with him. He looked like a good enough player and has suddenly turned into bakayoko playing the full back position.
  12. It was a sarcastic comment on some of the posters on here mate. I love sfl and for me, he should be our manager for the next season, no matter what happens between now and the end of the season. He has already shown to be a great manager with a par squad. If he actually get a 200m war chest, he can do wonders. A couple of players here and there. And we would be quite good and for me, then and only then can we really judge him
  13. Ings has not done for CFC, right? He is doing it for soton. Last time I checked, Tammy did have 29 goals in championship. Even had a handful playing for Swansea at an age of 18/19 in the PL. So my logic dictates : if a current player of the club is the 3rd highest PL scorer, not after a handful of games, but more than half a season, then he is worth far more than a squad player. Specially when he is 22 years old, has no decent back up because even if you are aguero, you will go through a dry spell and would want someone to pick up your slack. Understand the meaning of the word "sup
  14. So are we sacking him? Are people's contingency plans ready?
  15. My fantasy is 12 PL goals in 20 freaking games, and no matter how much you talk out of your ass, none of that is going to change either. Get that? 12 PL goals. 3rd highest top scorer. Ahead of kun fucking aguero. Understand that? Digest that.
  16. Ummm. Football matches are for 90 minutes + extra time as far as I remember. But just shows the mentality and knee jerk of the "fans" on here. So a 12 PL goals in half a season striker of 22, age is squad rotation at best. Also, I like this. His hold up play was brilliant against United in our 4-0 loss, and the super cup against Liverpool. But he could not convert his chances so he was a "championship level striker". Today he got the bloody winner in a London derby away to arsenal and he is still "beyond shit". Seriously dude, why even support the club. All I see you do is b
  17. Kepa James/lamptey rudiger tomori azpi Jorginho kovacic Willian mount cho/pulisic Tammy
  18. So he should be sent back to championship? Some people on here are just fucking trolls. Scored a fucking winner. 12 PL goals. And people are saying that a comment of "championship level striker" is gonna age well for Tammy. Ridiculous. Don't even know why some people "support" the club when all they do is spew vile hatred on the club and almost every player. Unbelievable
  19. I did not say people would have paid 120m for Cho last year, but if he had not got a career threatening injury and continued to perform at the level he was last season. Jason Sancho was transferred for 7mil in 17/18 and played around 1000 minutes of football. It was only his performance last season (18/19) which has seen a meteoric rise in his stock. One season, that's it. And today he is a 120mil player. And that's the reality of football today. If CHO realises his potential, that's a 100mil saved.
  20. Well said. And whats weird is people who diss on the board for KDB sale, wanted lamps out and sacked because he was choosing and persisting with mount. LOL. the irony.
  21. Kind of. But it's a world wide thing, not related to just Chelsea or CHO. Paying CHO 6mil a year is nothing compared to losing a potentially 40mil rated teen (40mil on just 18 months left) for free while buying someone of the same potential for 100mil and double the wages (Sancho). If Cho had not got that injury, he would/should have been setting the world alight like Sancho and we would have been praising our board for shrewd business.
  22. Oh My. Now I cant unsee this. He actually does look like the ball brothers.
  23. He would have wanted to be the no.1 striker. No way would he have played second fiddle to tammy when he has a problem playing second fiddle to one of the best players in the world (mbappe). Sorry but this transfer would never have happened and infact SHOULD never have even been on our radar. Good to see the club thinking progressively.
  24. Would pretty much like to line up like this. Need to avoid the mistakes we made in the last month of pushing the same players over and over. we play 3 in 7 days. Need to rotate and refresh.
  25. Yet. But the potential is there. He has been unfortunate with an injury that can potentially end a career. The way he was playing last season, he would have been one of the most coveted 18/19 year old. As much as sancho who people are willing to pay 120mil along with 250kpw wages.
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