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  1. Not more than you going on about the typos. I hope you go about asking all of them what exactly their typos mean. Nothing would beat that mate, can't wait. Maybe I should start making OTT and nonsensical post about "net spend" even though no football club has that as a measure for it's transfer dealings .
  2. No need to leave out the 2 way street argument then?
  3. "Fans" don't go about dissing board at every opportunity and calling players "donkeywater" do they? It's a 2 way street. If you are willing to abuse the players, then you should not have problem accepting some hard comments. Or you can just show respect if you want it. Typos amuse you, good to know. Lol. And interesting.
  4. So happy for him and the club. Great news. Now we should get Tammy done. Btw, who all have we tied long term? RLC, Reece, mount, Cho. The core and spine seems to be taking shape.
  5. Hmmm. True just because one confuses buckets and brackets because English is not the first language should definitely not be speaking their minds. Anyways, don't need your advice. I will speak my mind soecially when someone acts like know-it-alls while clearly they have no idea about it or how the finances work. Also, I have written my points to support the board. Do you have anything to say to that, or do you just go around being a grammar nazi?
  6. Villa are paying his wages in full. Burnley paid half of his as per reports. So what's that? A total of 2.5m. Again, that makes it whole "loss" on the books as 10.5mil. which would mean we would have had to find some team to buy DD for 13.5 m. Best of luck finding that. I am sure a genius in transfers who has no actual fucking background in finance or scouting could definitely have got that deal done, right? Yes, the whole DD transfer had a poor ring to it from the start, but you don't self combust and make more stupid decision. You try to somehow mitigate it, which the board is tr
  7. "drinkwater" (last time I checked that was his name) was bought for 40m in 2017. Which means at the start of this summer, 24mil of his fee was still left to on our books. If we kept him, we got a loss of 8mil of his value (considering we did not pay his wages). If we sold him for even 15m we Got a loss of 24-15 = 9mil on our books and that is considering literally anyone would have even paid 15m for him. And that's the difference between people on the board who actually know what they are doing and then on the other end of the spectrum are idiots and assholes trying to prove to
  8. As much as we would like to pretend that it's not, I am sure even 1m/2m is a lot of money, even for a mega football club like Chelsea. Yes, Kennedy also lies in the same bucket, but there is also the problem of the player accepting the contract. Kenedy might be asking for wages which the club think might make any transfer of his unachievable. I am not saying I know it all, but I also find it difficult and ridiculous to believe that the board of one of the biggest clubs in the world is getting everything wrong (according to some fans on here), where as the truth is that within a span of 5
  9. Why is it ridiculous? Care to explain? His contract was up in 6 months, we would have got nothing for him. In this way he is barely on our books (bought back in 2014 for a meagre 4mil, so his amortized value would be in thousands literally) and i am sure mineiro would be paying his wages. So where is the loss exactly? In this way if we sell him next year, his profit will be recorded on our 20/21 financial books when we would actually be needing the money to buy players, rather than the 19/20 books where we already have the hazard and the rest sales as well as we dont look to be buying any
  10. This. People have no actual idea of how anything actually works and yet try to come out looking like big shots and dissing on the board.
  11. On the other hand, we are not pressing the panic button and getting things done in a lot better way.
  12. Not an easy game from any stretch of imagination. They are well set up, well disciplined and know how to play against the big boys. Drew against city, Drew against wolves, won against United at home. Will be a tough game.
  13. I see you have learned well from the Falcao, pato etc etc scenarios.
  14. Totally agree. Trying to justify your opinion using the "team of the year" argument is just lol. We can crib all we want, azpi is our best left back of the decade. Sad, but true.
  15. This. Let's keep increasing the price every day, and at the last moment pull the plug and sell to inter for a decent fee. Hate juve for the Sandro fiasco
  16. Just came back from Injury. I would not risk him. That's the only reason.
  17. Fair enough. But considering he has just come back from Injry, would not risk him
  18. Top 4 trumps fa cup trophy for me. Today we looked so leggy in the 2nd half. Tammy, azpi, zouma, Rudi, Kante, willian have played 4 in 10 games. For me, they should not be in the match day squad. Agree with forest and their quality, won't be an easy game, but if I had to choose, it would be a chance at top4 than the fa cup.
  19. It's not just ignorance. It's down right asenine, trollish behaviour. Like I said before, this is not what a "fan" is. Maybe a plastic who can only support when the team wins. But keep on moaning, cribbing and bitching. And then shift your allegiance when and where you want.
  20. Willy Lamptey ac tomori Emerson Kovacic gilmour Pedro Barkley Cho Michy
  21. @Tomo care to explain this. Again the same dude. I mean should not the line be drawn somewhere. In a season where we lost hazard, had a transfer ban, have 5/6 young players breaking through and when most did not expect us to finish in top 6, we are fucking 4th and such "fans" want frank sacked. "Sacked" let that sink in. Shameful.
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