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  1. I find Rudiger painfully overrated by some. I don't see it. He has no impact on the pitch. He's like Mikel in defence. Morata has issues. Mental (never been first choice in his life and is quite inexperienced for his age) and physical (never played game after game, also dealing with injuries). But I do see a good striker in him if he manages to get it together.
  2. Morata, Bakayoko, Rudiger, Zappacosta, Drinkwater, Giroud, Barkley and Emerson. Out of that group I can only see Morata (possibly) turning into a key player. Joke signings. Joke squad management. Chels need a new footballing staff. The current lot have been failing for years.
  3. Conte turning into Mourinho slowly Yeah, the 'Chelsea brand of football' lives on.
  4. Not even trying to play football. Simply trying to prevent the opposition from playing football. Sad times. To think this is being televised around the planet.
  5. Chels playing without a striker and without a midfield. This will most likely end up very ugly.
  6. Is it really that hard to understand? His point was quality matters a lot more. Now if you disagree with that, fine, but I would completely disagree with that. No point arguing either.
  7. Quality won Chelsea the majority of their trophies. Keyword was overplayed. Fight and desire matters but it only gets you so far.
  8. Fuck that. Caballero first choice? Reminds me of the ridiculous cries for Begovic to start. Neither are good enough to be Chelsea's #1. I can't stand subpar goalies so I can only hope Chels manage to replace Courtois properly if he leaves, which is a lot harder than it might seem.
  9. Chels defended well but were stale offensively. Yes, certain players made some nice runs with the ball, and we also some saw some nice flicks here and there, but it ended up in nothing. Mostly sideway passes when the team actually enjoyed some possession and time on the ball in attacking third. The ability to stretch their defence and deliver the final pass was lacking. Barca pushed Chels all the way back so whenever the ball was regained, the forwards had way too much to do to cause any real danger. Did Ter Stegen even make a save? Willian's right foot was redhot but players usually don'
  10. Wasted opportunity. 1-1 at Camp Nou. ET/PEN to decide it.
  11. Moses should be banned from the final third. Violations every time he's up there.
  12. DYC.

    Eden Hazard

    That 2nd goal was criminal.
  13. It's been the case all season. He switches off at times and can be very nonchalant. But he is such a genius defender that's his only flaw at 21(?). I thank the football gods Chels didn't fuck up in his case. David's injury was a blessing in disguise.
  14. Christensen is a genuinely brilliant young defender. His defending is art. Still too nonchalant though. Only area he needs to work on.
  15. Moses. Wow. Haha, wow. Rudiger. I still don't see it. Fabregas. The Serie A is calling. Pedro. Still has his worth but it's outside the Pl as a starter. Giroud. Mehh overall but has something to offer the team. Hazard. Needs juice. His physical fitness hasn't been the same this season. That should be game done. But Chels still isn't good enough. Scary period ahead.
  16. Switch it up, man. 4-2-3-1, come on. And what the hell is wrong with Emerson? Zappacosta is flipping average.
  17. The Yaya Toure comparisons were the most amusing.
  18. There's not a single manager in the world who's 'good enough'. So just appoint any fancy name. If things go well under his management, he stays. If it doesn't, he gets the boot and it's on to the next one. No need to analyse and worry about who it is because it doesn't matter.
  19. Why did he ever start? Back in the day they would call me harsh in my criticism of him. But of course when you win titles, people are blind to glaring weaknesses.
  20. It's insane how Chelsea have followed up title-winning seasons with utter chaos. Three times in a row. Inexplicable stuff really.
  21. Hahahaha. Great stuff. You won't find a greater Mikel critic than me, but he makes Obi look like Busquets. Hope he never plays again.
  22. It's ridiculous, isn't it? Players never seem to fit a certain profile or suitability to a style. When Chels were linked with Baka, all I could think was how do you pick him over Fabinho? He's easily the superior player. Even a nobody like me could see that. How could an entire footballing staff not see it? Fuck off.
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