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  1. DYC.

    Diego Costa

    If Costa and Griezmann manage to stay fit and firing, and Koke and Saul form an effective centre midfield duo, I think they'll win the league. Very smart transfers this summer. They've built a well-balanced squad and possess so many versatile players. Only downside is they only have 18 senior outfield players. They'll have to stay fit. Superb Costa goal yesterday. That was Drogba-esque. When he's fit and in the mood, he's a serious problem.
  2. WTF? Kante's voice completely threw me off. Sounds like a bad voice over but it's real?
  3. Good win considering the circumstances. Always nice to pick up a clean sheet but defence remains a serious worry for me. Hazard, I'll love you through thick and thin. That was some funny stuff. Can't wait for him to shed the pregnancy pounds.
  4. How is fat Hazard such a problem? Haha, this is ridiculous.
  5. I can't believe a manager like Sarri would field Moses as a winger. He's useless in that position. And this means he's ahead of Callum in the pecking order. Shocking decision for me. Alonso is clearly rated higher than Emerson. Emerson must be really poor. LB is gonna annoy me all season And I'm not a fan of Luiz-Rudiger in the centre at all. But oh well, let's see what this game brings then.
  6. Me too. Last season was brutal. I would just fall asleep watching games. This coming season should be much more enjoyable.
  7. It's not about faith. I base my outlook on the season on the quality of the squads and the severity of changes the clubs go through. One of the best midfields is possible, yeah, but Jorginho and Kovacic will have to prove themselves. It's not a given. Defence is a problem for me and the team lacks firepower. Chels is going through a big change and three teams are simply stronger for me. They would have to underperform to finish lower than Chelsea I think. I'd consider 4th and the Europa League and/or FA Cup a succesful season. And then continue to build from there.
  8. Kante is crucial, man. Without him the midfield is too soft and lacks mobility. It's not ideal but he needs to play Think Azpilicueta is Chelsea's solution to a calm and commanding presence in the centre of defence. His lack of height is of course an issue but I'd still play him there. And to be honest, he's very decent in the air. It's not like he's terrible in this area. Finding the right partner is tricky. Luiz and Rudiger compliment him better because their big, strong and good in the air but I just don't trust them. Christensen is the better defender imo so I'd pick him. Alonso
  9. Yeah, I'm not bothered about the inclusion of an option to buy or not. Why worry about something that is completely out of your control? All I hope for is he kills it here and falls in love with the Chelsea experience, and Chels make a permanent move happen in 2019. If not, I hope Chels get a good replacement when he leaves. Simple.
  10. Big ass squad. Not just the 'red players' will have to leave. 25 senior players alone (+ Ampadu and Hudson-Odoi) is too much. So I wonder who's leaving. Looking at the quality of the top6 squads, I rate City's, Utd's and Pool's team higher than Chelsea's. Chels also going through a big change in terms of style. So City to retain the title, Liverpool and Utd chasing City and Chels, Spurs and Arsenal for 4th for me. If the transition under Sarri goes well, Chels should finish above Arsenal. Spurs failed to strengthen so that could possibly hurt them. Though compared to last season they
  11. Nahh, there is too much money involved for some kind of (verbal) understanding. This is business. Any deal is on paper. And like the Rodriguez to Bayern deal, we'd know about the clause and sum involved to sign him if there was one. The better he plays the higher his fee will be in 2019, if they decide to sell him at all, and the more interest he draws. If he produces a stellar season, you can bet the financial elite will be at Real's door as well.
  12. Utd signing Zouma instead of Alderweireld would be great. A fit Alderweireld would elevate their backline. Zouma would simply be yet another CB on their roster. He's younger but is he better than Smalling, Jones and Rojo? I don't think so. Utd signing Willian would be great. While he would help balance the team out, he would not take them to a new level. And he wouldn't last long having just turned 30. A Martial + cash offer for Zouma + Willian is something I'd happily take. Make it happen, Utd.
  13. Real only had one striker so the move to bring him back made sense. Also from a financial standpoint. Think they sold him for €20m to Juve, brought him back for 30m and eventually sold him for 60+ mil, so yeah. They knew he was worth something. As for Kovacic, very talented but unproven. I can only hope he hits the ground running because there's no time to adapt with this deal. I am looking forward to the prospect of this new midfield though. Games in 18/19 shouldn't be as painfully dull as they were in 17/18 .
  14. Morata didn't join Juve on loan. Juve bought him but Real sold him with a buy-back clause, which they activated when he went back to Real. Juventus actually wanted him to stay.
  15. Hazard would get similar or even better numbers than Fekir in Ligue 1. The second part of that sentence is true though. He'd be gamble in his natural role(I think like Lacazette he'd be less effective in the PL, lacks that explosiveness as a forward and his movement isn't quite at the level it should be). A good player at this level, but not a difference maker. But maybe he could adapt to a attacking midfielder. Because don't be mistaken, he's not a natural midfielder. Does he possess the stamina and more important, the tactical awareness to effectively play midfield. Not impossible
  16. With 53 La Liga games under his belt for a team that finished 7th and 16th (at the age of 23), no experience in Europe and just a single cap for Spain under his name, I highly doubt that. I know how this hype game works for young players works but I'd love to be wrong. Was he one of the best options available to Chelsea? Yeah, I believe that.
  17. All true. 80 mil for a GK. I can't get used to that just yet. A GK with so much to prove as well. Let's hope he turns out to be a good one.
  18. Hmm. I'd rather sign one of the very best GKs of the past three/four years in Oblak for €100m than a young, developing GK like Kepa for €80m. I'll have to assume Oblak has no interest in joining Chels.
  19. Very talented footballer but unproven at the highest level. Will be interesting to see how he adapts because expectations will be high. I guess a loan deal is the best the club could manage. But I'd rather get a player like Kovacic for a year than actually sign some decent midfielder. If he leaves next summer, Chels will simply have to look for someone else.
  20. Over. Rated. Can't believe Christensen isn't playing.
  21. I could never see Hazard in a Iniesta or Modric type role, which is what I imagined when you said Eden in midfield/at LCM. But if this is what you meant, fair enough then. I do have question marks about how Chels would fair defensively in such a system.though.
  22. If he leaves, my choice would be Schmeichel for a year (or two). The likes Areola and Butland represent gambles. Even Sergio Rico, who I like, could come in and struggle or even flop and Chels can't risk that at this moment. Not with defensive line. Schmeichel is clear downgrade but he's very experienced (also won a title, that counts for something) and he's proven himself to be a solid GK in the PL. Sign him and I think you can count on him to at least do a decent job.
  23. That shape does make more sense with the current squad. Morata, Batshuayi and Giroud all haven't proven capable of being the lone striker. But hey've all performed better with a player right behind them (or alongside them). Having some to release the ball to quickly, providing them support (making them harder to mark and switch positions with) Chels don't quite possess the midfielders for a well-balanced and quality three-man midfield. Cesc is too slow, Barkley and Loftus-Cheek not good enough to start. The less said about the rest of the midfield options the better. And by moving Ha
  24. DYC.

    Eden Hazard

    Very unlikely. The way he plays does not suit a midfield role at all and would only frustrate him because it wouldn't allow him to play his natural game. If Hazard doesn't play LW, he will be the centre forward. And while that could work for him individually this time (it didn't work in the past because Chels didn't play the right type of football), Chelsea's lack of firepower would only be highlighted by such a move. Get goals on the flanks and it could work. I think he'll play in his trusted position tbh.
  25. Decent player. Needs space to perform at his best. Better off at Palace or a team like Leicester. I can already see people on this forum getting on his back for not performing. Or even worse, feel sorry for him and make up excuses. Could be a useful squad player but that fee is silly. Throw money at and overpay for quality players/talents if you have to. Never do the same for average or decent players.
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