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  1. Milner is a better player than Barkley and Henderson had to re-invent himself as a defensive midfielder to be of any real use to Liverpool. But Henderson isn't good enough for a team that wants to win titles. Not as a starter anyway. And all those players you mentioned also possess a very high work rate and are/were very selfless players. Barkley posseses decent skill but doesn't stand out in terms of physical attributes and is very lacking tactically. He doesn't know how to move and I find his decision-making very unimpressive. I also find him quite lackadaisical. Wilshere is the su
  2. He isn't even an LB. More of a left-midfielder than a fullback. Defence worries me, man. Chels lack true quality in the centre of defence (Christensen>Rudiger for me but even Chris is still a developing CB) and left-back is real worry for me. Was hoping Emerson would come good but that doesn't seem to be the case (at least not yet). That left flank could be exposed. Think Sarri would be wise to deploy Azpi on the left. But I don't like Zappacosta at RB. Moses should be ahead of Zappacosta in the pecking order imo. Think he would make a decent RB.
  3. Why does every Chelsea youth need to be a star in the first team? A youth academy doesn't need to produce John Terrys to be of use to the first team. How about producing Cahills first? Do that and you don't end up wasting money on the likes of Zappacosta and Drinkwater.
  4. I just don't get it. Midtable player if you ask me and I've been saying that even before he signed. And I'd rather have club trained Loftus-Cheek in the team rather than Barkley.
  5. Hijack, hijack. Come on. Vidal for even two years would be great. Playing alongside Kante and Jorginho would allow him to play his favourite game. Pressing, getting into the box but less pressure to cover a lot of ground to get back and defend when the ball is lost (with Kante being the marathon man). And Jorginho takes care of connecting midfield and offence, able to find Vidal in advanced positions quickly.
  6. DYC.


    If he stays, I hope Sarri tries him in midfield. Willian-Jorginho-Kante is something I'd like to see.
  7. DYC.


    Courtois, Hazard, Willian (and possibly Morata) out in one window? That would be stupidity at it's finest.
  8. That's the kind of money you foot for the next Buffon or Neuer. I don't see that in him but we'll see. If Chels truly were willing to pay silly money for a goalie, I hope the club will make a move for Oblak as that would actually make sense. He's a GK who's proven himself at the highest level to be among the best for the past three seasons. If not Oblak, I like Sergio Rico. Good young GK who's been improving every year and I'm sure Chelsea's Spain gang would make him feel right at home.
  9. This is why I smile when I read 'we signed *insert player name* for the next ten years'. It's been good knowing ya, big nose. Now I hope Chels find a good successor immediately. Don't want to go through what Utd and Arse went through after they lost Schmeichel and Seaman. Or even more recently, post-Reina Liverpool. That's some scary shit.
  10. 70 mil for a GK is fucking ridiculous. Even more so for a GK with one good season under his belt. Roma with the deal of the summer if they pull it off. After all the years of shopping on a budget, Chels would shock me with this. But it's whatever really. Not many options out there. Shame a deal involving Oblak to West-London and Courtois to Madrid doesn't seem to be on the cards.
  11. @TomoDark clouds never stay too far away from Stamford Bridge. There's always that dip. And that's when you go from hero to clown.
  12. Oh please, Tomo. You'll be the first calling for his dismissal when things go sour, haha. He's got my support because I like his brand of football but I give him two years max. I'd love to be completely wrong on this but I know how things work at Chelsea.
  13. Agree. And that's the downside of having Kante and Jorginho in midfield as their both lightweight. Add Fabregas/Barkley to that midfield and that puts all the responsibility on Kante to run around and defend. Matic, who wasn't great but solid, made life easier for Kante. Ideally, Chels would add a midfielder who offers power. That's why I like the Milinkovic-Savic links. But I already know that purchase is only possible if Hazard leaves for big money. Such a shame Loftus-Cheek plays like a luxury player. Waste of size and strength.
  14. DYC.

    Eden Hazard

    Chelsea could opt to not sell to increase the chances of making CL football next year, which is absolutely crucial, and sell him for a lesser fee in 2019. That would be the scenario I would personally prefer. And who knows what happens after a year. Real might not want him or he might enjoy playing under Sarri.
  15. DYC.

    Eden Hazard

    A move to Barca makes no sense. They have Messi, Suarez, Coutinho and Dembele. PSG have Neymar, Cavani, Mbappe, Di Maria, Draxler. And he's stated not wanting to return to Ligue 1 football in the past. Bayern refuse to pay mega fees. Chels aint selling to the Manchesters so only Real remains. A deal involving Isco and Asensio joining Chels and Hazard going to Real would best because I don't see who Chelsea get to replace Hazard if they were to receive a big bag of money.
  16. Selling Morata and bringing in Higuain makes no sense. Buying Higuain and moving Morata to a wide forward position though (a la Anelka) is something that could work. Morata - Higuain - Hazard If he manages to make that role his own and score 15+ goals in all competitions (Higuain notching 20+ and Eden hitting 15+), Chels would actuallly posses a front line that could challenge the Manc clubs for the title.
  17. I'd prefer Cheek, but that's also fine I guess.
  18. Sarri and Jorginho? What? Is this actual Chelsea news? Now this is what I like to see. A very good player and an actual ball-player. This is such an important signing. The player(s) occupying the base of midfield is key in any style of football. All the coaching in the world couldn't make this current crop of midfielders offer what Jorginho will offer in 'Sarri-ball'. If Golovin joins as well... wow. Chelsea's options and acquisitions in midfield have been such a big issue for me for a multitude of years. What a turnaround all of this would be. Kante/Bakayoko - Jorginho/Fab
  19. DYC.

    Eden Hazard

    Some people just don't get you, Eden. But it's alright. That's their problem. I love this man's game so much. I'd say he's my favourite player now that Iniesta has practically retired.
  20. DYC.


    Chels can't afford another year without CL football. If that happens the club will get left behind. So if they sell Willian they better sign a player who's at least as good as the Brazilian. And that's harder to pull off than most seem to think.
  21. Goodness gracious, brother Skip. Never said Rudiger is bad. Said he was solid but far from a top defender. He's been better in recent weeks but he still has a lot to prove. I don't even like saying this about him because he's actually a player who cares about playing for Chels. And Cahill has been fantastic since his return btw.
  22. I love how much players and former players appreciate Eden. He'll never satisfy the goals+assists lovers but players know how valuable he is and the degree of difficulty of his game. The whole energy changes when a player like Hazard has the ball at his feet. And like they pointed out, even a fantastic player like Sanchez does not offer the same. Can't believe he's on 300 apps for Chels btw. The man is averaging 50 games a season. Those are Lampard-esque numbers.
  23. Loving this FA Cup win. It's been a while. Courtois was BRILLIANT. Haven't seen a GK performance like that (in Chelsea colours) in a while. He made everything look so easy. My MOTM. Kante was outstanding as well.
  24. He gets to leave on a high. But it's really time to go. Chels need to go into a different direction, man. This defensive and chaotic shit, hoping for a miracle moment up top is so tired. And it scares away quality players.
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