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  1. Except for defensive superstars in Maka and Cole, and then there's Sheva. Yes, we know what happened but he scored 26 and 28 goals in his final two seasons for Milan (in 80 games in total, which was extremely impressive pre-MessiRonaldo times). It was a mega signing and an extremely expensive one in those times. Even Torres was a superstar in terms of status, although his fitness and form was already waning prior to the transfer. Crespo was a very big signing as well btw. I agree with what you're trying to say but Chels have definitely lost pulling power though. And that's becau
  2. DYC.

    Eden Hazard

    Talk that talk. Finally some pressure on the suits. It doesn't matter if it comes from a manager. They're just passengers. But from your star man and most marketable player, that's something different. It will be interesting to see how they respond (referring to their actions in the market this summer).
  3. Chels should get both. Bailey is not ready to start for Chels week in, week out. But he could take over for Willian in two years if he continues to develop.
  4. Keep Willian. Buy Martial. The point is to make the team stronger. Put them on the flanks, Hazard at #10 and Morata up top.
  5. Fucking 3-5-2. Dropping Willian in this form is criminal. Coward.
  6. He was nothing more than a decent player at Monaco. But he was a young player so he automatically possessed 'great potential'. No redeeming qualities. Had he been some physical beast then okay. But he mostly commits stupid fouls and he plays with the intensity of a Fabregas or Pjanic type player. No technique as well. Just throw the whole player away. Better players have been sold after a year. Get a proper midfielder.
  7. Don't fear this Liverpool team in the league. But they can be a problem in cup competitions. Wouldn't surprise one bit if they failed to produce next season though.They need more quality.
  8. Kevin De Bruyne is soooo good. He's been the perfect #8 this season. A feast for the eyes as well.
  9. He should try Alonso alongside Kante in midfield when he gets back. Drinkwater isn't good enough, Bakayoko is garbage right now and Fabregas will leave Kante too exposed vs Pogba, Herrera and Matic. Giroud needs to start in the final. I can already see the long balls flying against Utd. And Morata is more valuable to the team off the bench right now. Fabregas and Pedro could have an impact off the bench as well. And I know dropping Caballero would hurt him but I'd start Courtois in the final. Chels need to be at their absolute best to win. Courtois Azpiliceuta - Cahill - Ru
  10. Hazard finally producing a top game again. It's been a while. He should've scored though. 9/10. Kante was good too. Emerson had his moments but failed to get really involved. I am impressed by how he has dealt with the physicality of English football though. Solid perfomance overall.
  11. It's been a while since the last FA Cup win, hasn't it? 2012? It's been time but it will difficult.
  12. It's strange to have a #9 you dont trust to burry chances like that. I wasn't surprised at all.
  13. The final will be interesting to say the least. Good goal.
  14. Why are they passing the ball to Caballero so much? He has no skill. Don't trust Caballero as a goalie. Decent #2 at best. I find his entire GK style quite odd.
  15. Middle finger to the fans that decision. Conte should be ashamed. That was a midtable manager sub. Bakayoko, sigh.
  16. Did Conte explain why he never plays him? And is Barkley a cripple now?
  17. Bakayoko is a disgrace, really. He combines a serious lack of ability with the work rate of a classic #10. Sadly, his price tag means Chels are most likely stuck with him.
  18. Kevin De Bruyne is the best player I've seen in the PL since Ronaldo 07/08. He's become the complete midfield general. EDIT: Forgot about Suarez in 13/14. He's up there with both of them then.
  19. Horrible CL round. Barcelona in first gear in both games. Chels just not good enough. No opportunistic Willian shots this time hitting the posts. The worrying thing how Barca scored four goals with their level of play in these games.
  20. This game is done. Why is he still playing 3 CBs? Because of the defensive solidity it provides? If ditching the 3 CB system means letting Conte go, I won't mind him leaving at all. He can do shit with the Italian NT.
  21. Barca killing Chels in 1st gear. This is so sad.
  22. That nose with legs is really having a poor year innit. If Conte really wants to win this, he needs to take out a defender right now.
  23. What happened to pressing? What happened to always trying to score? Last year it was energy and aggression. This season it's extreme dullness.
  24. Got what he wanted. A 'respectable' loss.
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