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  1. I think/hope his point is that the Inter game was boring,a point which I agree with. No matter how you see it a 5 goal game is more entertaining than our 3 goal game. As for us being inferiors to the mancs as a team? :ballack:
  2. One of the good points of the match is that Hilario *can* kick.
  3. An OK performance,Sturridge and Joe could have gotten a chance,Le Sulk was unlucky.
  4. I'll wait for an official confirmation before slitting my wrists.
  5. As much as I blame him for the defeat against City I know he is quite reliable.We don't have a choice but to hope that he performs well.
  6. I'm absolutely sick of this story,I still lol'ed though.
  7. Now let's hope nothing happens to Ivanovic.
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