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  1. What the hell this guy thinking? When will we announce his new contract?
  2. The problem was not Morata. problem is Sarri. He'll ruin the team and make us lose Odoi.
  3. Sarri still considers RLC as a winger over the Odoi, and he will never sit on a bench. If Sarri going to do this, why didn't sell him? We will sell Odoi to Munich in the summer at a low price.
  4. Again no bench. hahahaha No wonder Hudson-Odoi wants to leave. Look at this Pedro performance. Why is he starter? Odoi will eventually leave in the summer. nice job Sarri.
  5. Yeah, We all know that Odoi is better than willian and pedro, Bayern knows it too, But Sarri don't knows. To rebuild the team, he had to use Odoi more and more. Although the Hazard's situation is different, Odoi's situation is completely his fault.
  6. Odoi to Bayern, Hazard to Madrid. We will lose both the present and the future. Great Sarri. You totally screwed up Chelsea.
  7. Once again bench. Sarri will not change his mind. He always sticks to the same lineup. he is going to the Bayern. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6611295/Callum-Hudson-Odoi-TURN-Chelseas-offer-85-000-week-wait-Bayern-Munich-move.html
  8. The Morata of midfielder. bad decision making, bad shooting, bad defense,, only can short pass but unstable. another big failure.
  9. Willian's goal was probably the worse thing for me. I don't expect him to play until next Sunday & this is precisely why he's keeping his options open. Higuain is coming soon, then Hazard return to LW. Odoi will compete with Willian & Pedro in one position. Will Sarri put Odoi in the starting lineup for the rest of the season? I don't think so,,
  10. Money ain't the most important thing. He needs playing time. Everything is useless if he sits on the bench in the next game. He won't change his mind if he doesn't get a chance right away.
  11. It's not CHO's fault. Chelsea didn't give him enough chance. We will not use Academy player. As always. We already have James, Mount, Abaraham, But Chelsea try to bring Hysaj, Barrella, Wilson. If we bring in a world-class player, of course we don't need to be obsessed with youth. But Chelsea's trasfer targets are Uncertain player. If Chelsea succeed in bringing Hysaj, Barrela, Wilson, Our all talented youth will leave Chelsea as following Odoi. I already gave up about this team's youth strategy. They just think of the Academy as business.
  12. Odoi out, Pulisic in. Chelsea will regret this decision for the next 10 years. He will definitely succeed. Future world-class star.
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