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  1. Has Neuer fallen off? idk If anyone is better than Mendy as a pure GK, but guys like Ederson, Alisson, and Ter Stegen are very valuable for their ability on the ball. i wouldn’t take Oblak or Courtois over Mendy.
  2. Jorginho absence is very noticeable.
  3. Speaking of Bayern and Chelsea academy, it looks like Jamal Musiala has star written all over him. Progressing very well.
  4. It is a slam dunk that Hudson-Odoi needs a loan, there is really no opportunity for him. Tuchel plays 5 defenders, 2 CM, and Mount plus Lukaku are starter status. That leaves Ziyech, Odoi, Pulisic, Werner, and Havertz fighting for the 1 spot. He needs playing time and get his confidence back.
  5. Tuchel rated Trevoh over Zouma and he was ahead of him in the pecking order. He does not rate Zouma period and unfit for his system. Tomori ship sailed in January, shame though I think he was a great fit for Tuchel.
  6. Let’s be real Kounde and a 4th choice midfielder will not change our PL chances. It will come down to our attack, and that is position we are not reinforcing.
  7. Those reinforcements will strengthen our strength, I am not very optimistic of our league chances. I think we still lack the goal capability to challenge for the title. On the other hand I think we will continue be very good in the CL.
  8. I have seen enough sign Saul immediately, injury to Jorginho or Kante we are in deep shit.
  9. Don’t think that is a hot take at all, Maka was a great role player, Kante is a great main player.
  10. Don’t get me wrong he is a good GK, but man during that Arsenal game when Arsenal were high pressing you could see how a better Passing GK would have bypassed it.
  11. I think he has no place on this team, maybe if we played three man midfield but I don’t see that I think 3cb system is staying. I don’t think it favors anyone for him to stay. I have always liked RLC and I do believe if he can stay healthy he can have a good remaining career.
  12. Dortmund lack the ambition of elite clubs, and PSG are very disorganized and Leonardo goes out of his way to undermine his manager. Chelsea board only had falling out with Conte and Mourhino. Given those two history, they are incredibly toxic. I thought this was a good fit for the players we had. Young, hungry, offensive minded, and no big egos I thought they would respond well to Tuchel. And a board that are very clear about what the manager role is, and each member of the board duty is. Very cut and dry.
  13. I think many wanted Allegri here, he was seen as a winner and discredited Tuchel accomplishments. I personally wanted Tuchel, I thought he was a better fit and I was really against Allegri.
  14. I don’t think it is controversial to say Pogba is a better player than Mount, I think the English media are way too down on Pogba. United is a shit show, I think if he was at City or somewhere else he would be rated better. Mount has only two seasons at top level experiences, he has a lot to prove still. I am fine with where he is at so far in his career. We will see if he has another gear.
  15. That is the typical quotes you get from athletes about how individual accolades is not that important, what is important is team goals/ accomplishment. Ronaldo is a more selfish player obviously, and it fit his strengths because virtually all of Ronaldo best traits is scoring goals. Hazard also plays to his strength, he cannot be selfish player like Ronaldo. Because he doesn’t have Ronaldo off the ball ability, poaching, shooting, heading, finishing, etc. All I am saying these what if scenarios don’t work, it is not FIFA where you could raise the attributes to 99. These attribut
  16. Wrong as usual, Hazard was saying he cannot be the goal scorer some want him to be. He said he can only be himself and focus on winning games. Which is correct. Hazard is not this unprofessional you make him out to be; he was family man, who did everything right during the season.
  17. There has never been goal scorers like Messi and Ronaldo, there dominance is unparalleled. Hazard best trait is dribbling, and Messi is better than him at that. Messi has better vision, creativity, passing, finishing, and just about everything. Ronaldo is on another level athletically, great finisher, and moves better than anyone off the ball. They are superior to Hazard; Eden is a great talent in his own right but he can only be himself. Messi was also criticized for his poor diet, but he smartly changed as he got older. And I also criticize Hazard for that he needs to change h
  18. Chalobah is probably ahead of him now, I would sell. His ball playing ability is a liability.
  19. Alonso is a good for a game or two, on fresh legs he can give some quality matches. If you are counting on him for more than that you will remember why he angered the fan base over the years.
  20. He was equally impressive at the Euros, while playing 2 man CB.
  21. You are taking what some media report as fact, I do not accept such things without facts or substantial evidence. Raiola has become a target of the English media ever since angering their darling club Manchester United and SAF regarding Pogba. He is also more vocal. I have never claimed he is a good guy or anything, just claimed he has been overstated. The media loves a villain, and the audience do not care if it is accurate or not. Just like how much shit has been spouted about Roman or Chelsea, do you think non-Chelsea fan care if it is accurate or not? I try to avoid the pitfalls
  22. Raiola is not charging anything other agency aren’t. Pretty much there is a 10% commission rate for them, you can bet Lukaku agent also bagged similar money. https://www.olbg.com/blogs/super-agents
  23. OLBG’s study claims Raiola makes £796,345 for every deal he makes - that’s in comparison to Jorge Mendes, who cashes in around £505,307 and the £153,073 Jonathan Barnett brings in per deal. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/mino-raiola-salary-paul-pogba-24599658 You guys are extremely overstating Raiola. He has been made a much bigger villain than he really is.
  24. Chalobah is perfect for that RCB role, he is more aggressive than Azpi in that role. I really like how he presses to win back the ball and transitions into attack. He has been outstanding in the two games, I hope the manager continues to reward him.
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