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  1. Hello everyone I’ll be in Besiktas watching the game in a pub, if anyone of you want to meet and join me send me a DM
  2. Well, damn man you should've told this before now i'm going to hell.
  3. Thanks mate i got lots of tattoos and i wanted to get this for so long, this is also my design.
  4. Hello fellow Blues I just like to share my new leg tattoo with all of you. And wanna see your opinions.
  5. Can anyone recommend me some decent British movies. So far i have seen This is England, Mean Machine, Looking for Eric, Invention of Lying, Green Street Hooligans, Football Factory, Damned United
  6. Don't worry Aegean and Mediterranean Sea are still safe you can't find any religious people over there. Those idiots are in the East. Thankfully %20 like me hates Islam but %80 is f***ed up. And Putin is so right our leader would roll in grave if he could have seen 2015's Turkey.
  7. Putin : "Ataturk would roll in grave if he saw Islamists in Turkey now." I bloody love you and as a Turk i stand with you big man. Couldn't put it any better.
  8. Mourinho suits Chelsea and Chelsea suits Mourinho. He should and hopefully will be our manager, most important thing is sticking to your manager in the bad days.
  9. Matuidi and Matic would be great. Move Fabregas to CAM and get rid of Oscar.
  10. I don't think those apes know what a videogame is.
  11. Well i didnt vote for this ISIS lover cunt Erdogan so i don't feel guilty, i hate religious fascists. I'm an atheist myself. And i stand with Putin against ISIS.
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