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  1. Simeone would be sweet. Looking forward to seeing something official though.
  2. I think this would be awesome. At least he's an up and coming manager...not a re-hash like Pellegrini, Benitez and co.
  3. We got this. Looking forward to seeing the starting XI. If Matic is in he needs to be alongside Mikel. I'd like to see Pato in for Costa around the 70th minute. We'll see.
  4. ugh....Pedro. Meh....I guess Kenedy is not on the bench?
  5. well done Traore! Like taking candy from a baby.
  6. even though it's an uneven matchup...it's nice to see the boys having fun and showing their talents. Should pump them up for the Watford game.
  7. awesome pickup. John Stones minus the English surtax. Love it. In all seriousness...good young player (only 20)
  8. Pato, at 8M will prove to be a positive signing. In my mind, goals is not where I'd spend my money anyway. We have Costa, Hazard, Willian, Oscar. Although they are having shitty seasons (except Willian), those guys should be sufficient. Our money needs to be spent in a more creative transitional midfielder (sorry Cesc), a better holding midfielder (sorry Matic) and a revamped back line (could improve all 4). If Pato does better than Pedro and Oscar I'll be very happy (not asking much).
  9. hehe. I like Zouma....but boy what a bad final quarter for him.
  10. damn it sucks to drop points again. You could just see that 2nd WBA goal coming...they were pressuring way too much. Two good strikes got the best of Courtois unfortunately. As we all know there's a shitload wrong with this squad...where does one start?
  11. I think most would agree....but neither will dominate the midfield.
  12. Definitely right. Unfortunately for us, I'm of the opinion that Matic can't either.
  13. Decent half....I guess.... The Good Costa (active), Courtois (helpless on strike), Ivanovic (providing counter attack), Zouma (reliable), Terry (not his fault he's slowing), Azpi, Willian (creative), Fabregas (creative) The Bad Oscar (man up boy), Mikel (too many mistakes) The Ugly Pedro (ouch...) Sub options: Kenedy in for Pedro Matic in for Mikel RLC in for Oscar
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