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  1. Godwins law is only that the longer a discussion goes on the probability that a comparison to Hitler or the nazis goes up. Sense has nothing to do with it really.
  2. While I understand the discontent, I didn't feel like booing our players was beneficial to anyone. Still, feeling the emotion in MH was something else. I can only hope Mou doesn't go ruin it, by going to United.
  3. Did player career. Went on loan to Wycombe for one season. Come back to chelsea, and they've only gone and sold azpilicueta and oscar and bought no replacements. Marin and Mikel playing every game while hazard is on the bench. Kasey palmer is a regular though...
  4. So Mikels just had twins... so thats Terry, Willian, Ivanovic and now Mikel.
  5. We must be close to breaking the record for the longest collective sigh in history.
  6. I'm from Dorset, but my hometown team the Terras are only in the evo-stik league. And I live in Soton now, so Soton and Bournemouth its always nice to see do well.
  7. Is a curse grounds for getting out of a sponsorship deal?
  8. CeleryFC


    BBC sport has Kenedy down on the bench as Nunes do Nascimento. Did someone have a word?
  9. I just don't understand where their talk of having ambition by keeping him is coming from. Surely its a lack of ambition to not accept a princely sum, that could be spent on improvements? Its not like he'll see out the 4 years of the contract anyway, so why build the team around him.
  10. Hand has a serious case of carpal tunnel claw after scrolling through the 50pages/hour stones thread on grandoldteam. Some of them are shook, some of them are deluded, but amongst the shouts of 'Judas' I'd say most of them are resigned to the fact Kenwright will probably sell. Here's hoping.
  11. I'll always remember him for the time he couldn't get his shirt back on after celebrating.
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