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  1. Shame for the club Conte is finishing the season in charge.
  2. Hurts my eyes seeing Moses on the ball. If he stays at the starting lineup next season I'm done.
  3. I really think Caballero should be the first gk for the rest of the season. We have nothing to lose tbh and Courtois deserves to sit on the bench for two and a half months. He clearly doesn't want to sign a new contract, I don't get why we should keep him in shape for his next club.
  4. I really hope someone is shredding Courtois' contract right now. He needs to beg for a renewal.
  5. He deserves credit for last season, but please- someone make it stop. Enough is enough. Defensively he is okay, I guess. But every time he is on the ball, I want to rip my eyes out. We're not that of an attacking side, we can't waste so many opportunities. I don't get why a decent amount of our attacks still goes through him. We would be better to literally attack every time from Alonso's side. I have no doubt that this is one of the main reasons of why we bottled the top4. So many attacks go to waste. If he is still in the starting line up after the summer... boy oh boy.
  6. 5th here we come. This was the weakest Man U side we faced at OT in decades, and we come out losing. Amazing. This is how poor we are.
  7. I really don't care losing 0-1 on both matches. I just don't want it be a tie for them to remember (like Barca-Bayern\Arsenal). It also means Messi can't score. It would be nice though to see some sort of attacking threat from us during those 180 minutes.
  8. I just love how we can go from a corner back to the keeper in 3 seconds :/
  9. One win in 8 against Wenger. Hilarious.
  10. Dominating this fixture for so many years, quite an achievement from Conte to lose so many games to Wenger. Drogba is turning in.... wherever he is.
  11. Yeah, I do think that. Defence line of Rudiger-Christensen-Azpi will be far better. I prefer seeing Zapacosta at RWB than Luiz at CB. Our captain shouldn't be near the pitch.
  12. I'm seeing this too many times. Luiz and Cahill are not our best XI possible.
  13. It can't look nice with Luiz and Cahill both in it. Our best CB is, yet again, on the bench.
  14. Imagine if Cahill and Luiz didn't got suspended. We would be fighting relegation by now. Our best CB is on the bench. Thanks Conte.
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