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  1. Four of our players got winter upgrades: Azpi to 81 Matic to 83 Fabregas to 85 Costa to 86
  2. Di Maria has been consistently terrible for United except for a couple of good matches in the beginning.
  3. I don't want Arsenal to drop out of Top 4 --they might fire Wenger. #WengerIn
  4. Terrible display, to be honest, but an excellent result. Willian is my MOTM. Thought Azpi was poor, but then he redeemed himself with an assist. It's time to kiss the badge, Cesc.
  5. True, but it's kind of funny how rarely we can say it, considering he's a defender.
  6. Of course it's bad, especially for #10, who's supposed to link our midfield and attack.
  7. Yes, Hazard gave the ball away a few times, but he's nowhere as bad as Oscar and Drogba. Their pass accuracy: 64% and 50% respectively.
  8. Haven't you heard? Every respectable website [such as Dailymail] published the scandalous story. I almost wish it was Diego. It would have been even funnier.
  9. Maybe Cesc kicked the bus after punching it.
  10. Yes, a defensive midfielder's main job is to defend and to destroy the opposition's chances rather than create them. He failed at his main job at that particular moment, and yet that costly mistake gets largely overlooked by most people. My point about Andre and Cesc was that they did their main job: to create and score goals, but for some reason had gotten far more stick for the goals conceded than the defensive midfielder did for a similar(if not worse) mistake. Don't you see how ridiculous it is? As for "without him we would have lost," without Andre and Cesc's goals we would have lost to
  11. He looked tired and lethargic at times, but expecting him to be at 100% after the Liverpool match is unreasonable. Hazard is not very effective when we play so negatively. He needs the ball to make something happen. Still, a nice assist.
  12. It's probably pretty safe to say that Zouma is a starter now. If he started against Liverpool and City, he will start against worse sides.
  13. I seem to remember Andre, a winger, getting a lot of stick for failing to track back when Man City scored in the first game. Never mind that Andre was the one who scored our only goal too(and what a world-class run it was). I also remember Cesc, an AM, getting a lot of stick for being fouled and dispossessed close to Schalke's final third(!), which resulted in the counter that could have been easily stopped by numerous of our players. And never mind that Cesc was the one who scored our only goal too. But when Matic, a defensive midfielder, makes a mistake in our half that eventually leads to a
  14. The game against Aston Villa was one of our most solid, calm performances this season. Matic&Cesc totally bossed the midfield and Willian had a great game. I don't expect the away game to be as easy, but I think we'll win. 2:0 or 2:1 Chelsea win, with two midfielders scoring (hopefully Cuadrado).
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