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Anelka Playing Away

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CHEATING soccer ace Nicolas Anelka took the title love rat to treacherous new depths — texting a secret mistress on his WEDDING DAY.

In the run-up to marrying sweetheart Barbara Tausia, two-timing Chelsea ace Anelka betrayed her for FOUR MONTHS with shop girl Natalie Merriman.

And Natalie, 24, told us: "Nico's a fantastic lover with an amazing body.

"We often had sex FOUR TIMES a night and he bombarded me with dirty text messages. I didn't know he was engaged and I was really falling for him.

"But when I found out he'd actually got married AND had even texted me that day I realised he's just another typical lying, cheating footballer."

Only last weekend married team-mate Ashley Cole hit headlines for playing away.

Now Natalie reveals how sleazy £90,000-a-week French striker Anelka:

SHOCKED her by sending lewd photos of his private tackle to her mobile.

THRILLED her in bed with his astonishing gymnastic tongue.

TRIED to cover up his marriage by claiming it was his brother who'd wed.

REVELLED just days ago in a text message replay of their sexational fling, SEVEN MONTHS after getting hitched.

0302_anelka_02.jpgBlonde Natalie met moody Anelka, 28—nicknamed Le Sulk—working at Selfridges in Manchester's Trafford Centre last March.

She recalled: "Nico came in with a friend and asked me to help find some jeans. He was really quiet but I could tell he liked me.

"At the till his mate said Nico wanted my number. I didn't know him from Adam but I thought he was good-looking so I gave it. It was after he'd left someone told me he was a Bolton player."

Within minutes World Cup winner Anelka began texting Natalie.

"It was all innocent flirting at first," she said.

"After a few days he came to the shop again and we went for a walk, chatting away. I thought his French accent was really sexy. When I asked if he had a girlfriend he said no.

"We had a laugh and ended up snogging by an escalator. He was a really good kisser and it gave me butterflies."

The texts continued for a week then Anelka made his move.

"He invited me to his apartment in Salford Quays," said Natalie. "He made me tea and we snuggled up on the sofa for a kiss and cuddle. I ended up staying and slept in bed with him but we didn't have sex. He kept trying it on but I told him I wanted to get to know him first. 0302_anelka_03.jpg

Anelka with wife Barbara

"He woke me about 8am and said he had to go to work. He gave me a lift in his Aston Martin and when we kissed goodbye he said he wanted to see me again soon.

"I was so excited and knew I was falling for him. I didn't realise at the time but that was the day Bolton played Manchester United at Old Trafford."

Bolton lost and it was the second time in 24 hours Anelka failed to score. But he made up for it two days later.

Natalie said: "He begged me to to go round to his apartment and after watching a movie we began kissing on the sofa, caressing each other.

"We started taking our clothes off in the lounge but then he led me into his bedroom.

"When he took his pants off I was surprised to see he shaved down there— but it did feel nicer when we had sex.

"He was really gentle and considerate, and keen to show off his oral sex talent. I've got to say he was better at it than any other guy I've been with. We had sex four times over about six hours and didn't get to sleep until about 4am.


"Nico's very energetic and passionate. He told me I was the best he'd ever had."

0302_anelka_04.jpgAs their fling hotted up the action switched to Anelka's plush new penthouse in Manchester's Hale suburb almost every night. "Whenever I wasn't working I was at Nico's," added Natalie.

"It was pretty much sex every day. He seemed to think about little else.

"Even when we were apart he'd send dirty texts saying what he wanted to do to me—and he'd send pictures of his manhood. I thought that was a bit weird!

"He talked of me going to see him at his Paris house. Little did I know he had his Belgian fiancée there, and he'd been seeing her for 18 months."

Natalie was also in the dark about cheating Anelka's past form. In 2003 we exposed him for two-timing a previous fianceé—TWICE. But last June Natalie was shattered when she discovered the truth.

"Nico told me he'd gone on holiday," she said. "Then a friend told me to read the papers because Nico had got married at a big bash in Morocco. My blood ran cold. I couldn't believe it. I rang and texted him but got no reply.

0302_anelka_05.jpg"Then I looked through my old messages and realised he'd actually texted me several times on June 9, his wedding day. I felt so used.

"Eventually he replied claiming it was a mistake and it was his brother who'd got married, not him. But I knew he was lying."

Days ago, seven months after tying the knot, randy Anelka proved he was still up for illicit thrills— after Natalie texted, congratulating him on his recent £15million move to Stamford Bridge.

He replied: "Thanks. you and yr pretty angel face...Mmmm ...where are you now naughty girl? x"

Natalie told him she felt let down by his lies but would always remember the sex.

Anelka said: "you were naughty so you made me naughty as well thats y it was good. x" Then he cheekily added that he wanted Natalie "2 use yr lips and yr tongue." She said: "I feel so sorry for Nico's wife. He's made a fool of her—AND me. And I've absolutely no doubt he'll cheat on her again."

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Our players are such bloody tarts. At least Anelka comes out of it looking better than Cole did.

I guess they can't dig up this sort of stuff on Arsenal because their players aint old enough to know what its for yet and the Mancs.....well lets face it, theyre all ugly fuckers.

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Ohhh dear, I hope this doesn't effect Anelka's performance as it has with A.Cole.

yes lets hope not cos thats the last thing we need right now, why is it always our players who seem to be making the headlines these days pick on the pre schoolers arsenal

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"THRILLED her in bed with his astonishing gymnastic tongue." gymnastic tongue? how the fuck do you get one of them?, is there exercises you can do to get one?, I never even knew there was such a thing.

Anelka must be one of those cunts who are just born lucky, plays for Chelsea, earns a fortune and has a gymnastic tongue

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Again it is funny how these stories come out when we are doing very well and actually look like having a successful season. At the end of the day who gives a s**t! Couldn't care less what players get up to off the pitch as long as they are doing the business on it.

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They're here they're there, they're shaggin everywhere ash and nic, ash and nic.

Whose gonna be next to join the song. Pompey fans sung it to ash a lot lol, i was laughing tbh while i was watching it on sopcast, now nics doing it so he'll get a song or 2 soon.

These stories are a fucking joke tho. Honestly.....

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hes here hes there hes shaggin everywere nicolas anelka hahaha!

lol haha gave me a laugh

Again it is funny how these stories come out when we are doing very well and actually look like having a successful season. At the end of the day who gives a s**t! Couldn't care less what players get up to off the pitch as long as they are doing the business on it.

couldnt agree with you more pal

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