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  1. It was somehow an very ironic post, hope you got that There are no chances of creating talent if you don't play them obviously, but I get what you are saying. We buy shit and we have always done so, so what is our next option? Exactly, creating talents, even tho it's hard.
  2. GIVE US LAMPARD AND TERRY BACK!! As coaches, as players, I don't give a fuck... Just come back!
  3. I'm speechless Why can't you vote for Zola as motm?
  4. I have question that I can't find the answer on... When will the tickets for the game in Malmo drop? Would be nice to try and get a ticket for the away support when the team suddenly are in town
  5. What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck is the defence doing???
  6. Hmmm, mixed feelings. The home kit is OK but the 2nd and 3rd kit is awful... The 3rd kit looks childish. I'm expecting something else when the true product is released.
  7. Such a disappointing first half Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  8. First game me and my girlfriend is attending for this year. Make it a win for her first ever Chelsea-game, please! 4-0
  9. Shit my Lord... What the fuck was that video? Looked like one of our CB's in division 6 here in Sweden..
  10. Hello guys, Just saw this thread and thought I'd give it a go.. Looking for tickets to the Chelsea vs Leicester game the 15th of october. I doubt that there will be anything left for general sale so do you guys have any suggestions? It's me and my girlfriend and the london-trip is already booked I will appreciate all help!
  11. With what? Trying to "dribble" a player and then loosing the ball? That's the only thing I saw
  12. Stop talking about Costa... Sell him instead. He's a dick tbh. When Hazard and Fabregas doesn't perform, neither does Costa. Batshuayi is a great signing. His style can be compared to a young Didier Drogba, except Batshuayi is a bit faster. Let's see how this turns out!
  13. Don't sell him and don't put him as a winger anymore. Play him in the middle. Those turns that he does frequently are dangerous when going straight against the goal, exactly as he did against Wigan in 2012 when Ivanovic scored. Also tell him to practice his passing. There you have it! Cheers
  14. This makes no sense. He already has his head in another country for sure. Will be sad to see him leave.. I just feel that it's about to go down. The worst thing is not, however, to see him leave. The worst thing is that we have to find an equal replacement. We need to have worldclass players like him in our club if we want to stay up top. Nevertheless a manager that is able to take care of the players and protect them. I wont see us finish top 4 with the likes of Pedro or Cuadrado as wingers and Matic in the middle. We have to adapt to the new style of football and that is fast.
  15. I would love to see Conte in Chelsea but at the same time I will be sad to see that Hiddink has to go.. Mixed feelings!
  16. Thank you very much, mate! I will take a look on Twitter, otherwise I will turn up at Stamford Bridge before the game. Any suggestions on how to find it on Twitter?
  17. Hello guys, I have a big problem.. I went one day earlier to London and now I'm looking for 2 tickets to Chelsea - Man City.. Any suggestions? How do I fix this? I'm not in Chelsea very often so I guess you can imagine that I'm very desperate.. They will only sell me one ticket in the Zola Suite for 160£
  18. Oh I'm so disappointed... I hate the new home kit. Will look awful with our golden badges on it. The design is horrible.. ? Will definitely buy the Away one I'm so sorry that I have to admit it, and it damn hurts.. But Manchester United's home kit looks much better. Bad work from Adidas and it makes me furious ?
  19. Haha, it's Luis Neto of course... Man, so dumb.. This is probably bullshit then
  20. Probably, I just think it's an odd time for vacation
  21. Rumours up on Twitter that Hulk has arrived in London with a private jet. Transfer Sources ‏@TransferSources 4 minBREAKING: Hulk arrived in London last night and posted this pic on his Instagram #AFC #CFC pic.twitter.com/NzJTGX9aOQ
  22. I would like to see Fabian Schär and Gündogan at Chelsea, that's my call.
  23. I would love to see Gündogan in a Chelsea shirt. I'm not sure about Jackson Martinez though, I would like to have a player with the style of Aguero as our striker.
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