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  1. I did not watch game due to school; but can someone give an honest recap and not this sensationalist crap; i checking twitter in class and at half time everyone was saying we were comfortably better?
  2. what game were you guys watching? I thought he was excellent ; moved ball with speed and has brilliant frame etc.. etc..
  3. him and john stones would complement each other so well. A back 5 of courtois azpi-zouma-stones-baba would be immense
  4. jasonlol


    horrific cameo from him today
  5. were massive underdogs for this; tel aviv players will all have the game of their lives; this will be the year we lost twice to basel .
  6. this is douglas costa in january all over again, fans who have never seen him play think hes a nobody not good enough when he is actually a gem.
  7. get top 4 this year, develop rlc and kennedy this season. Sign 2-3 marquee players next summer and will come back roaring again. This season is a write off
  8. match against tel aviv won't be played in tel aviv but in haifa(city not to far)
  9. to late in the window to get him; if juve were to sell they would want time to reinvest the money properly. This is one for next window the earlist
  10. im going to assume he does not speak a word of english?
  11. id go up to 65 mil(pounds yes pounds) for him
  12. called it before he made all the headlines , can't believe the ignorance people had over him without watching any shaktar games
  13. I believe top 4 will be our only realistic target this season. This is one of the worst chelsea teams I have ever seen
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