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  1. It wouldn't be a Chelsea bottle job without an offside
  2. We are worse than Arsenal now, and worst part is he is making subs lmao
  3. Get Kovacic off man dude is a walking red card
  4. Lmao, can this day get any worse??
  5. Mount wastes too many chances as well is too tunnel visioned. I think some of our problems come from him.
  6. How did Mendy make a difference? People just love to hate Kepa
  7. We got this. In 3 hours we will be celebrating the W.
  8. Damn would have been nice to have Kovacic
  9. Might be a great sub to bring on once they have tired legs
  10. We should not play for a clean sheet, we need to play to win the game.
  11. Lets be optimistic, this is our biggest night in 10 years. We will win tonight!
  12. When Werner went off we actually got worse attacking wise, the problem we have under Tuchel is there is not enough support in the box when we create chances. We are too conservative.
  13. Like I said in the game thread, lets cut the bullshit and get rid of him now whilst the season is young, we all know it will happen at some point during the season so why prolong the inevitable, rather have the new manager come in early and implement his style, who knows we might even win the league with how shit City and Pool look like.
  14. Whether its Poch, Allegri or Hiddink we need to make the change early so that we can actually get something from this season. We all know if it carries like this Lampard is going at some point this season so why wait for the inevitable. We did this in 2015 and it cost us top 4 when we stuck with Mourinho for too long
  15. Personally I haven't seen anything positive to keep Lampard for the rest of the season, if we are going to get rid of him at some point this season might as well do it now when there is still plenty to play for.
  16. We are not exactly defending well, its just that United are shit. Even with 5 defenders on the pitch we are still being sliced up by Dan fucking James and the dead corpse of Juan Mata.
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