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  1. Thats more on Lampard's tactics, his not playing to Werner and Kai's strengths. Why the fuck are we hoofing the ball when we have Werner who is not a target man up front.
  2. I have seen this movie before, it ends 0-0 or we concede a silly goal.
  3. I know this might be extreme but I would honestly take the crap Sarri served us over whatever Lampard is serving us right now, at least with Sarri we could see were it was leading to, that Europa League final is the best football we have played in 4 years and Lampard hasn't even come close to topping that. Every game there is a heart in mouth moment even when we play "well"
  4. He needs to go whilst we still have a chance to salvage the season, his just not good enough for Chelsea.
  5. Our problems are bigger than Kepa. Lampard can not manage the defensive side of the game.
  6. Sarri had structure, his football might not have been everyone's cup of tea but at least everyone could see what he was trying to achieve not so much with Lampard.
  7. With the outlay we spent, Champions League will be vital especially with fans not in the stadium. We can not afford to miss the champions league so its better to cut our losses early so that we can salvage the season before its too late.
  8. I think we should cut our ties now whilst the season is young, bring in a more experienced manager and hopefully challenge for the league. Frank Lampard is just not good enough for a club like Chelsea. Carlo Ancellotti was fired for finishing 2nd!!!
  9. The most worrying thing is the high level chances we concede, Mendy won't help with that. There is too much space between midfield and defence. Our attack also is kinda disjointed we rely on individual brilliance more than attacking set plays.
  10. The worrying thing for me is not the results, its the gaps in midfield and defence as well as chances we concede. We might have prime Nuer in that backline and we would still concede a lot of goals. We are tactically off and rely too much on individual brilliance kinda like Hazard never left.
  11. Simply not good enough. We can not be dropping points to the West Broms of the world.
  12. Its also been a year of the same stuff, better to cut our losses whilst the season is young.
  13. After the money we spent patience will be thin to allow the replacement to have enough time to salvage the season. So I think his gone by November if it stays like this
  14. Look at the gap between midfield and defence like this is basic school boy stuff, we are not coached well. There is so much space to exploit
  15. I would bring back Sarri if it means not watching Lampardball ever again
  16. I know people don't want to hear this but I think we should cut our ties sooner rather than later, Arteta has been in his role in less than a year and Arsenal look better coached than us. We have had a big enough sample now to form an opinion
  17. Just maybe Kepa isn't the problem??? Lampard won't last till Christmas if we are still that unorganized at the back
  18. Personally I have seen enough over the last year to know Lampard will not take us anywhere. He needs to go sooner rather than later. He has no philosophy and players seem like they are not coached well before games.
  19. I know I am in the minority but I thought Kepa looked better today, more assured. That goal was terrible other than that I feel like his heading in right direction. His distribution was on point and made decent saves when called upon in the 1st half. He even came out for set pieces which was decent to see, hoping this is a fresh start for him and he gets back his confidence. Either way we have good competition coming in.
  20. Its nothing to do with players. We look disjointed. There is too much space in midfield. Thats a coaching thing, we never had that much space in there during Conte or Sarri's time. We let people take free hits and don't close down. We have been fundamentally flowed since last August. Lamps has to improve us there otherwise he won't last past Christmas because we will concede loads even with Mendy in.
  21. I know we are winning and all but I am still seeing a lot of the same problems from last season. Big gaps between mid and defence as well as disjointed attack. We won't go far if we don't improve in those areas.
  22. Personally I think he needs to be sacked for Pochettino, his a average manager at most imo. He will never really take us anywhere because he can't coach defending.
  23. So we are going to go all Russian KGB over this serious issue??
  24. I dont trust Lampard with a rebuild thats my main problem with him, he has failed to improve the collective and his 2 full seasons in management he has less than 20 clean sheets. With Klopp and Pep they improved the collective play of the team, made worse players look better however Lampard has failed to do that. I dont want us spending money every time a player goes out of favor because the manager can not improve them, Kepa a very expensive outlay being an example? What difference is he to every other cheque book manager then? Look at Klopp's starting 11 for crying out loud (Henderson, Wjna
  25. I know I am the minority here but I still think Kepa is good enough, get rid of his Goal Keeping coach or Lamps and I think he will bounce back, Lampard's team has left him exposed such that his confidence has sky rocked down. He has good reflexes, the claiming of balls can be improved look at DDG he had the same problem earlier in his career too. His a good sweeper keeper too which plays well in the modern game. Upgrade on our defence and tactics them we likely wont have to spend unnecessary money on a goal keeper when we have more pressing holes in the team.
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