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  1. Its funny and ironic though because Lampard was the benefit of Mourinho's anti youth stance. had Lampard been benched then we would have played KDB in midfield.
  2. He looks like one of the ball brothers. Lonzo or LiAngelo
  3. I agree with you, his also our most clinical player, and that Emerson chance against Bournemouth would have been buried if it was him, at this point in time I would rather have Alonso at the back than Azpi playing LB, it totally kills us when we have a right footed full back.
  4. We should have been in on the Cavani sweep stakes, he is old enough not to mess with Tammy's development but good enough to start and push him to be a better player. Also knows how to play with another striker.
  5. Vybz Kartel


    Heard he had a sublime performance yesterday, thats more off the Willian we want to see, thats whats infuriating about him he has the talent but we only see it during the transfer window. He has the same talent as Eden and could have the same impact for us if he improves his decision making.
  6. Great by Frank and the boys yesterday, I wasn't able to watch the game but Im glad we got one over Spurs.
  7. I also mentioned it earlier, RLC has a more developed game that isnt just reliant on his physical skills. He will look sharper than CHO imo who when he got injured had not developed his game yet. He was/is reliant on his pace and it shows right now his struggling because he cant beat people as he once did before his injury. RLC on the other hand has vision and passing to go along his dribbling and physic. He will not hit form this season but he will be 100% better than what we have at the moment.
  8. Personally not a fan of him, hope Roman doesn't go sentimental with him and gives him his marching orders before it's too late.
  9. I will say it again bring in Pochettino
  10. How has Mount played the full game man?? We are back to nepotism I see
  11. At this point in time I want Barkley over mount
  12. Bringing on CHO in his current form is criminal
  13. Irregardless my point still stands, we have spent money but spent it on dross. We wanted to spend 35 million on Barkley only for the injury Gods to save us. Our scouting has been poor since Emenalo left. We should have gotten VVD instead of Rudiger by the way but we went bargain shopping and spent it on an injury prone player (I love Rudi by the way) who has a history of big injuries. I bet u Saints would have accepted 50 million from us instead of Liverpool since they really didnt want to deal with them after they tapped him up. Also out of that Monaco golden generation how did we come back a
  14. Yes pace is a big part of his game but his other attributes will compansate for it. He isnt just a PnP player he is actually a very intelligent footballer with a good passing range. Those attributes will make him more playable whilst he obviously gets his fitness back. CHO is struggling because hsi other attributes werent developed fully. Right now he cant even pass and his decision making has been poor, Ruben wont have to go through that imo since he is ahead in his all round football development. CHO is over trying, Rubes wont be doing that.
  15. We are not playing mid week so no need to rest him, best team out there please
  16. Thats why I mentioned his other attributes other than dribbling and pace. Passing, and intelligence in the final 3rd will help us more. His passing has always been one of his biggest attribues were CHO relies on pace, Ruben does not. His game in the final 3rd is polished enough to not decline imo. CHO on the other hand, he was a guy who relied on his pace and the other aspects of his game hadn't developed yet before he got the injury, even last season his decision making was still in need of some work. Ruben on the other hand it was his stamina that needed some work which he worked hard on.
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