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  1. Our starting 11 was worth more than 300 million last night thats more than our 3 group stage opponents starting 11s combined. Also are you comparing having a different opinion about Lampard to racism?? Clearly you have a low bar on racism then. So Sarri's critics last season were wrong for disagreeing. This is a discussion forum for Chelsea topics and we are allowed to have different opinions. Some people dont rate Willian and some people do, that doesnt mean we dont respect each other's opinion. Its entitlement thinking your opinion is only the only valid one.
  2. I know people are saying we should be patient with our expectations with Ruben but I think he will come back strong and close to 3/4 of his form last season. One of the biggest strengths Ruben always had was his maturity in the final 3rd, he doesn't over dribble, shoot in ridiculous angles like what we are seeing with CHO, Ruben also passes the ball well so those strengths alone will compensate for his lack of match sharpness early on. His biggest problem coming up the ranks was stamina and he had improved massively on that aspect so im hoping at the very least he would be a good impact sub wh
  3. Its still criminal he wasn't brought on at Everton in the 2nd half, we were crying for a left footed fullback.
  4. This sounds a bit entitled, we are all fans and we have different opinions there is nothing wrong with that, just like last year some fans didnt like Sarri but some fans supported him. Frankly you are incorrect when it comes to spending Chelsea have spent the 3rd most money since 2015 on transfers. Just last night's starting 11, Kepa 72 million Emerson 23mill, Zouma 12-18 million, Rudiger 34 million, Azpi 7 millon, Jorginho 56 million, Kovacic 50 million, Kante 32 Million, Pulisic 60 million, willian 32 million and Tammy 0. Michy a 32 million sub came on too. I dont understand this Man City s
  5. Vybz Kartel


    I dont know about pure class, could have killed this game if he scored his chnace, its a recurring theme in big games for him. Excellent player but we need to move on in the future. Hopefully we can get a good young winger in the future and maybe move him to a bench role. CHO should be that person but looks like he might not be ready yet.
  6. He was also first choice to start the season so it kinda makes sense.
  7. Im so excited to see him and Tomori. We can play an even higher line since we will have pace to burn.
  8. Thats why I thought a loan could actually do him a world of good. Out of the spotlight but getting game time. He has the talent for sure but right now its just not showing.
  9. The least CHO could do is show his a competent player. Right now we are better off with Mount playing as a winger when Puli needs rest. The scary thing though is we never really saw CHO's full potential, was he ever really good? Is he like one of those Barca kids who play well for a season ie Isaac Cuenca, Christian Tello, Munir Haddadi but dont kick on? Will be interesting to see his progression in the future.
  10. LOL, the reason i suggested loan is because he would be out of the spotlight right now fans are starting to turn due to his contract. He wanted to be a big boy and his being treated like one by fans. Look at Hazard at Madrid, dude was injured to start off the season but that didn't stop the criticism from raining in. He had a terrible injury and we will be patient with him but at the moment his bordering on unplayable. He loses the ball every time he receives it and with our midfield and defense we cant afford to lose the ball easily.
  11. It looks like he could actually benefit with a loan, with his current form he should be nowhere near the starting. (His first touch is off, his grown tunnel vision cant pass, doesn't track back, at the moment his a liability, hopefully he gets back to form) Im actually inclined to play Pedro ahead of him and thats saying something.
  12. ANd vision too, its like hsi been hanging around Bats. So much tunnel vision
  13. Its gonna be Juve or Barca. So obvious
  14. We have a massive problem on our hands, we need to play him but his bordering on unplayable at the moment. Needs to fix up ASAP, he wanted the spotlight now its on him, we expect more. Funny enough Sarri warned us about high expectations towards him.
  15. He had an excellent game, Im one of his biggest critics but he was superb
  16. That Michy run trying to walk in a goal
  17. There is no urgency again from us, its worrying.
  18. Man Mount better not play like crap, we need him to run every blade
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