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  1. Thats not true, Klopp got to a Europa League Final his first season, his 2nd season he got top 4, third season he got to UCL final, 4th season he won UCL and 5th season he is winning EPL. Lampard has not shown anything to give him the benefit of the doubt, in fact we have gotten worse at the back of which we can argue that maybe earlier in the season he was still benefiting from Sarri's tactical work, our ball playing from the back has gotten worse. Kepa has his flaws but his regressed massively under Lampard and that is on him. Klopp had the ability to turn mediocre players into a better coll
  2. If Lampard is going to be sacked by December I would rather we sack him before the summer window so that our next manager buys his players, we cant be stuck with Lampard's players next season and a new manager trying to shoehorn them in. Thats why we have the mess we have right now.
  3. Same old problems, it shows Kepa might not actually be the problem
  4. I would sack Lampard just for the new manager bounce
  5. I would get rid right now and bring in Hiddink that's how much I want him gone.
  6. Kepa is being exposed by Lampard's defense, he has regressed but I feel like it has to do also with lack of confidence in his back line, take that goal he conceded the other time when he passed to Zouma and it was intercepted, last season when we played fro the back people knew their roles and positions well such that you could blindly pass and you would find someone. I know players hate the monotonous Italian way but it works if fully bought into.
  7. Interesting article, we need a stadium rebuild but I just dont see Abramovich funding it. We have been left behind sadly, he should have allowed investors into the club.
  8. Thats not really true, we even had Giroud firing as our 2nd choice striker. CHO was getting better and better. Kante was def not this bad.
  9. Exactly my point, Frank has made the players regress massively. Give me 3 players who have improved under him?
  10. Frank has no excuse for our poor defending 7 months in, we had around 18 clean sheets last season with the same defense, also if you are going to play cross and inshallah why not play Giroud?? His squad management has been poor at best. Yes no signings but some of the problems we are facing are coaching problems. He wont last till December if he keeps this up.
  11. Agree, the elephant in the room is obviously Roman's incompetency but most people dont want to listen to it. Had he laid the perfect platform like what Sheikh Mansour did at City we would have dominated this decade this decade imo. Our marketing revenue is not good, we dont have a new stadium, results on and off the pitch have been disappointing for a few years now. For a billionaire with great business acumen he has failed to run the club well. Should have appointed competent people. We spend money aimlessly and have no long term strategy.
  12. There are 2 trains of thoughts imo, either the board and Roman are not convinced with Frank thus dont want to give him funds because they would rather give them to his replacement or as others have pointed out we are going after our key targets only instead of settling. Either way we will find out by September which train of thought it is.
  13. Damn Chelsea are a PR machine now, after the negativity of the last few weeks to appease fans they throw in a pic of Ruben in training lol
  14. I will say it again get rid of Lampard and bring in Porch, Lampard isn't good enough so why waste more time
  15. Games like today and the ones that show you why Lampard is not an elite manager, why wait almost 70 min to make your first sub??
  16. Add to that we always seem to lose at St James Park. Will make for an interesting weekend
  17. Damn I thought they gave him a 4 year. Thats crazy considering his age. Luiz and others who signed prior to turning 30 got 4 year contracts.
  18. Im pretty sure he has a 4 year contract, unless he renewed recently he should be a free agent in summer 2021
  19. Next year is his final year, he signed a 4 year contract
  20. Exactly, the role Cesc played could easily have been played by KdB and who knows we might have won that league titile that Man City won if we had actually kept KdB that season. In the 2nd half of the season we were struggling for creativity which ultimately cost us the league against the likes of Crystal Palace, West Ham.
  21. Before we sold him in January. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/chelsea/10341933/Juan-Mata-move-and-half-time-tweaks-revive-Jose-Mourinhos-Chelsea-mojo.html Around this time, we were struggling a bit and Mou froze out KDB and Mata, and after Van Ginkel injury https://www.theguardian.com/football/2013/sep/25/chelsea-david-luiz-juan-mata Mourinho started playing Luiz in midfield until we got Matic in January. And even then he continued to play Matic and Luiz in mid.
  22. Thats what I mean, KDB could have been tried as the CM, he played better in the middle. If Mou had been tactically flexible and actually incorporated him more into the team. There was a time when we had an injury crisis in midfield and Mou refused to play KdB in midfield. I think he played a defender in the game in mid if I am not mistaken.
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