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  1. Told you guys Conte would come good. I remember there was a lot of disappointment here when City managed to secure Guardiola towards the end of last season.
  2. Glad to see Conte doing so well. The difference between this team and last years is night and day.
  3. In terms of youth, he didn't really promote anyone of note into the senior team, Italy is infamous for developing players slower than other countries, where 21-22 year olds are still looked at as "youth", we complain a lot about our primavera if you read up on our forums. I suppose he gave Pogba (who If I remember correctly was signed with the primavera in mind) his opportunity to play significant minutes in his first yesr. But thats likely down to the fact that Pogba is a once in a generation type player . I suppose with that it mind, you could say that with Conte "if you are good enoug
  4. These are just my opinions, which I have formed over the years. During his last season at Juve one of the criticism's levelled against him was that he wasn't rotating players much. In the tail end of that year we were wanting to play the final of the europa league, which was being held at Juventus stadium. We had built a considerable lead in Serie A so we could afford to rest players for our Europa league games. Conte kept playing his strongest side every week however which lead to over fatigue and injuries e.g Vidal injuring his knee in the league and having to play with local anas
  5. As long as the players buy into his methods and ideas, you guys will turn out great. I am sure he will develop a bond with them immediately as he is not only charismatic but as a former footballer he has played and won at the very highest level of the game, something the players can respect. Once he instills his spirit into the squad he will have these guys spit out blood for him. I point to his work at both Juventus and the Azurri. At Juve as soon as he back, there was an immediate change in the mentality of the players. After having finished 7th twice in a row, fourth place
  6. I think Mourinho has seen better days as a coach. For some reason I feel he will be an absolute debacle at United and they'll be marginally better than last year on account of their buys this summer.
  7. I am a Juve fan who has been here since we were drawn in the group stage together in 2013. Just want to say that you will absolutely fall in love with the way this guy works. His training sessions are famous for their intensity. Even a workhorse like Tevez had previously noted how he had never been worked so hard (in a good way) in his career. Conte will whip these players into shape and is not afraid to drop anyone, regardless of their transfer fee, if they don't pull their weight. He will have these guys out on the pitch fighting like soldiers under siege.
  8. This guy can be a prick for opposing players. Naingollan is the type of player you would love in your club but absolutely loath as an opponent. Very good midfielder, comparable to a peak Vidal minus the goal scoring. Great engine, covers every blade of grass, great ball winner with a good shot on him.
  9. You guys can say that two of the greatest African players of all time have donned Chelsea's blue. Even this geriatric version of Eto'o is surely better than Torres.
  10. Ibrahimovic is elligible for a call up to if he did'nt declare for Sweden.
  11. Fiorentina have signed Mario Gomez from Bayern for €16 million payable in 4 years; confirmed on Bayern's website. Great coup for the viola. I'm suprised there were'nt much big clubs in for him, fantastic goal machine.
  12. Still cany believe they signed Fernadinho or £34 million. With transfers like these, Oil clubs like Citeh and PSG are causing inflation in the transfer market by overpaying for their targets. Txiki Begiristain is living off his reputation, having luckily presided over Barça's most successful period. He does'nt have any savy at all in transfer dealings, case in point the Ibra-> Barça deal. With the hiring of Manu Pellegrini and the signing of Navas, it looks like they are injecting the side with a distinct Iberian football flavour. Having spent something like £40 million pounds with the capt
  13. I think these current Chelsea kits are the best looking ones Adidas have made this year. I think the detailing on the collar and the faint design on the fabric look great. I love the "less is more" feel. Best kit you guys have had the past 4 years IMO.
  14. You guys would be really, really scary with Cavani in front of Hazard, Mata and Oscar. The man is a fearsome best. Constantly drops deep and plays GK, defender, midfielder and striker. He starts and finishes counter attacks. Posseses an awesome engine that powers a nonstop workrate. Will score with free kicks, headers, powerful drives, chips etc.... A complete footballer.
  15. Congratulations to all you Chelsea supporters! From a Juve fan. I'm very happy for you guys. Thrilling match from start to finish. I was expecting extra time, but went nuts when Ivanovic's header went in at the death.
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