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  1. 31 year old Icelandic international playing for Everton...
  2. Also worth noting that Deco is his agent.
  3. Get a grip mate. Your posts are embarrassing. Constant negativity. Imagine getting upset because tabloids aren't linking us to a player???
  4. Because Southgates a hopeless cockwomble.
  5. You lot sound like QAnon with your conspiracy theories
  6. As if this day couldn't get worse....here comes Kepa..
  7. Ever since Pulisic made the comments about having to prove himself, he has done nothing but prove he should be on the bench...
  8. Of course it'd be a former player...fuck
  9. Nothing more frustrating than being 1 down, getting a corner and not even clearing the first man.
  10. https://trib.al/Eq9i0Ew Bet they've all gone home now
  11. Massive shout out to Reece James, he was absolutely world class in that 2nd half.
  12. Its literally his job to instill that dressing room spirit and keep morale up.
  13. And that is the final nail in Lamps coffin
  14. Got a Traore goal written all over it. Former players love scoring against us.
  15. Fuck off Jorginho you little Sarri bitch
  16. Lampard can't unleash the best from players like other top managers can.
  17. I think you may have made a slight mistake there Vesper....you appear to have included us in that list
  18. Ziyech has been horrible, why is he saying on. Urgh.
  19. Abraham is the most frustrating player we have had since Kalou...
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