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  1. I take back everything I said. What a man. What a hero.
  2. How the actual fuck did Chris Wood miss that? Wanker
  3. We will win this and be lulled in to a false sense of hope. We will then go on to be battered by Liverpool and Wolves...
  4. We don't even deserve top 4 - embarrassing.
  5. 20% of West Hams points this season were won against us...let that sink in
  6. Don't know how you've managed to last this long to be honest. I turned off as soon as the whistle went. It was always going to be a liverpool wank fest
  7. Personally, I'd rather win and hand the title to the Scousers as it will dampen their celebrations a bit. It's always nicer to get the title with a win rather than someone else's result. I wonder how much Citeh will look at that as well. Lose this game and give Liverpool the title or lose against them and have to watch their celebrations...
  8. About time Jon Moss retired isn't it? Looks even more out of shape than usual...
  9. Thanks mate. I'm around quite a lot, just don't post very often.
  10. He has a release clause. They won't make any more than that clause. The reports suggested we were paying the full amount of the clause so they would have nothing to gain by doing that.
  11. 29 games. 25 goals. 7 assists. If that's not special then you're deluded.
  12. I work in the travel industry, things are absolutely fucked for us. A lot of people are going to lose their jobs
  13. Typical Chelsea to go and get battered here
  14. For Champions League games it's a lot easier, they have 22 spots rather than the 2 they have at Premier League games. I just applied through here: https://www.mastercard.co.uk/en-gb/consumers/offers-promotions/uefa/priceless-mascots.html
  15. My boys going to be a mascot for this game
  16. Probably the best post I've ever read.
  17. What happens if the ban is overturned after the transfer window? Are we entitled to compensation for wrongly missing a window? I can't help but think that the club have intentionally waited so long for that precise reason....
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