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  1. And yet as owners go he is one of the best. Charlton, Blackpool, Bolton, Blackburn, Portsmouth, Leeds....all clubs that have been in the top league and destroyed by their owners. I'm extremely grateful for Roman, I think it's extremely naive to want him to sell up.
  2. I know right. What's Roman ever done for us..................
  3. So back to your original point about not sacking Sarri....what value is there in keeping him?
  4. Apparently we don't need a manager. Sorry mate. Maybe next time x
  5. The guy that openly admits he can't motivate his players....which is essentially the only thing he has to do? Nah nothing to do with him...
  6. Kovacic coming on, thank god. Someone that can score and assist goals.......wait a second
  7. Crossbar is my Chelsea MOTM so far. Done more than anyone else
  8. Good job we made no substitute at half time. The current system really looks to be working...
  9. Is it time to reopen the next manager thread yet?
  10. We're the opposite of glory hunters. Crawl out when we're playing exceptionally shit.
  11. Yeah, like 2 days ago! I have Jake on Facebook I'll hit him up. The dream return would be Cap
  12. Is it time for all the old school to return?
  13. At this rate we'll be below Arsenal on goal difference by the end of the match
  14. On the bright side Liverpool aren't top of the league anymore....
  15. I am!! I still visit the forum quite a lot but never feel like posting
  16. They were indeed! It was constant banter back then. We need Cap and Spike back for a reunion.
  17. @manpe was it you that posted that singing thing and got everyone on the forum doing songs I often think back to that, it was brilliant! In other news this is my first post in 6 months....shit
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