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  1. This all depends on Jose. He could field a weak side knowing we'll win either way or field a strong side, park the bus and try grind out a result. We will play like we usually do, hopefully not get caught out on the counter. Chelsea 2-1
  2. At least the atmosphere at training isn't toxic. Good to see a few smiles.
  3. You'd think so. He's only being bought to cover for JT
  4. I'm not sure it's a defender we need. Our attack is as stale as a hand towel in a 16 year old's bedroom.
  5. The comparisons between Hazard and C.Ronaldo need to stop. Hazard has great game's but he's nowhere near Ronaldo's level. Comparing him to Messi is hilarious.
  6. Positives WE ARE FUCKING CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!Cesc Finally wins the Premier League wearing the proper colours.Drogba and Cech will probably leave with another TitleWe get some money to spend on new players while staying under FFP4 games to go, might see some youngsters and some of that attacking play we saw at the beginning of the seasonBus top celebration with the EPL and League Cup trophiesLampard's goal at City didn't mean shiiiiit!!Liverpool and Slippy G have to give us a guard of honour while thinking "if only?"Negatives I Gonna go broke buying a shitload of merchandise!C'MON CHELSEA!!
  7. Nightcrawler 8/10 Just goes to show that being a heartless, brutal cunt will get you way further in life then somebody with a good heart.
  8. The funniest thing in all this is, if we keep winning, the Liverpool game at the Bridge will start with them clapping us on to the pitch. Hahahahaha imagine Sturridge?
  9. A couple more results go our way and we might have the title wrapped up before they visit. Imagine them having to clap us on to the pitch?
  10. Always feel like drinking 2 litres of water after chinese. That and the need for some chocolate.
  11. Ramires needs to shadow Kane all game. Take him out of the match and the yids have nothing.
  12. I love how most of the armchair experts here say they would have done the same. Players at this level are suppose to be very disciplined. This is his job. He's not some has-been park footballer. He let his team mates down and let the supporters and the club down. He will now miss a cup final and two important league games that are now must wins because of his brain snap. Very dissapointed in him.
  13. rolling on the ground grabbing his leg would have got that cock sucker sent off. He cost us 2 points. End of story
  14. He just flipped our entire season upside down. Fucking idiot
  15. I love Jose, but it's only a matter of time before his attack minded players become disillusioned with his negative approach to the game. Honestly, I'd rather win 5-4 with a goal in the final second, then have to sit through something like that again.
  16. Those shirts remind me of the 90s umbro manure kits. The good thing Adidas is they do incorporate history into their kits, unlike Nike which are boring and repetitive.
  17. Couldn't agree more. If every player had the heart of Luiz, we'd be unstoppable. He was an absolute gentleman on and of the field.
  18. L.A, San Fran, Vegas, NY and Miami. With the exception of Miami, i didn't see much. I was very suprised about Vegas too. More quantity then quality.
  19. Spent a month in the US and believe me, nothing special.
  20. Honestly, I've been around the world and it's all about personal preference. If your into Asians, Tokyo is mental! If you're into Latinas, Chile and Colombia is the place to go. Nobody does multicultural like Australia though. We have more flavours then a pack of assorted mentos.
  21. Would prefer United win it. It will mask how shit LVG actually is and they might hold onto him longer.
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