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  1. I honestly don't know what Odoi's best position is. He needs to beat defenders and/or provide creativity to play as a winger, and he does neither these days. Worried about him.
  2. Sure, and if Werner gets in the start XI someone else will have to leave and we will miss what he does on the pitch. Kai looks also less with Lukaku on the pith in my eyes. There is no win-win here because we had a VERY strong side last season already. Again, I agree that Lukaku helps a lot winning those physical PL matches, but he will always play due to the price tag. Also, the formation that we used last season (+ dedicated striker) was the one from the first half against spurs. We only became as solid as last season when added a 3rd CM with Kante. That's because the balance of the tea
  3. I think we are agreeing more than disagreeing. Think we have played one top club so far, one contender for the PL title, and that's Liverpool. So, I'm just cautious here. My only point, which is the one I share with Tomo, is that while I completely agree with your that we've gained against the smaller sides, we've also lost certain things by adding a dedicated striker like Lukaku. It's never a win-win! Allow me to exemplify: Is Lukaku exactly the same as Werner? Better yet, does Lukaku do *everything* that Werner does AND on top of that scores far more goals? Or is he a com
  4. That'd be like having the exact squad from last season and adding Lukaku without taking someone off. Since we can't play with 12 players on the pitch, something is always lost to gain what Lukaku provides. Point being is that we don't yet know how we fare against the big teams and we will definitely need lukaku to show up. Spurs isn't a big team at the moment - they simply lack quality all around to be considered one.
  5. Yes, Mount should've done better, but it was his good run and then pass to Lukaku on the right that made the play. He wasn't all alone either, being surrounded by 2-3 players. I understood what mount tried to do: he stretched his leg for an early shot to beat the defender who was closing in - it did not work, but it wasn't a bad decision. Personally, I think if a striker receives a pass in that position, he needs to take the shot. Esp one who's main quality is his finishing.
  6. Heh true and from what he said the change was more like a message than anything else. He said he’s wasnt ready to talk about positioning/movement (tweaks) considering the lack of energy in the first half. Must have been an interesting locker room at half time.
  7. Indeed. Had our attacking players been a bit sharper today and it could’ve been historic.
  8. Interesting interview from tuchel: he was not happy at all with the energy of the first half.
  9. Starting deeper could indeed work for him, it we’d lose the high press. That’s one advantage mount has: he allows the manager to change the system without making tactical changes (current form aside of course). either way we have so much quality atm it’s just incredible compared to other seasons.
  10. He kinda has already. He’s really a b2b who presses high up. he’s just a bit off atm esp final third, which happens. That’s why it’s important have a quality squad like we do.
  11. Sad Spurs… they don’t have a whole lot aside from an disinterested Kane and son.
  12. Come on kova you deserved that goal man.. early shot there and it was in!
  13. Thiago mtom for me but kova and alonso were very good as well. other good performances too like Andreas and azpi. Spurs just aren’t a match for us atm.
  14. Not a good game by lukaku so far. Poor touches, decisions, and passes. still Spurs defense panics when he’s running at them lol
  15. Nah attitude and tactical change bringing a WC player in the mix. couple of others were/are just as poor as mount in the final third today. Don’t get into the negativity here we’re not that bad in the first and have upped our game in second. we are much better than Spurs regardless who plays. alonso is playing very well but can’t say that here. Lol
  16. Agreed. I think he's progressing nicely though. It's always a curve with ups and downs. However, like I write below, he will never be a super creative player, and that's fine. We can fill that (creative) role elsewhere in the team. Think your focus here is misplaced on mount. What you want from Mount, and what the manager wants from him, seem to be very different things indeed. Not only Tuchel... every manager loves him! Tuchel leaves and the first player on the starting XI will be mount.... wanna bet?! You are looking at this from one PoV only, and only attacking minded. Mou
  17. Would've been a lot more worrying if <170 in FM2022
  18. Comparing a picture should suffice. No need to go into stats and whatnot.
  19. He needs to improve his game if he wants to play for us. That's the difference between pre-season and real competitive games right there. Piss poor in the PL so far... maybe PL is a bit too quick and powerful for him?
  20. and comes back covid positive, which would take him out for another couple of weeks at least. Dunno what's worse, AFCON or Copa America. I guess the latter at least has Argentina and Brazil, but it's just as poorly organized.
  21. Can't disagree that it was a worrying debut, but here's a very strong silver lining: Bakayoko had a great debut!
  22. Will he tho? The most interesting thing, to me at least, about this season is to find out what will be gained and lost by employing a dedicated striker. What is gained is obvious considering that Lukaku is a great finisher, and a powerful athlete. What is lost is a bit more subtle and may not become evident until we face stronger opposition in certain conditions. early days, but It does appear that our volume of play is lower compared to last season. This was expected given that Lukaku does not contribute as much in the build up play and certainly does not press as much up front.
  23. yeah he was very poor... worse debut than ramires had (or maybe ramires struggled more in the subsequent matches?). So, nope he won't adapt to PL's tempo right away. If tuchel's idea was to rest Jorgi right away, well that's not going to happen.
  24. You guys are trying really hard to disagree on something... I tend to agree that Jorgi is more of the foundations guy, so perhaps we depend more on him being there, while Kante is the icing on the cake, the one thing a lot of top clubs lack... the hard worker with quality. I think Mount is falling into the same category (albeit different role) as he progresses. However, Kova replaces Jorgi better than he replaces Kante. Kante is rarer and it's going to be extremely difficult to replace him. Look at Fred at united... that's what's out there. Jogi and Kante are both awesome! K
  25. Chilwell is better in some aspects and worse in others. We all agree that pace is pretty important for a lb as well as a wing back, and Alonso lacks there. On the other hand he's still a pretty skillful player who can definitely influence games when he's fit. And he's definitely fit right now, at least to my eyes. I don't really think he's just goals; think his passing, esp in tight spaces, is what makes him a good player. Chilwell will take over in time once he's fit and playing better than alonso in training, as it's supposed to be. Think Tuchel is always sending a message here, w
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