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  1. Exactly, I don't see anything wrong with Mikel's technique. He's a good player without a doubt...but I just wish he was a bit more aggressive/assertive in certain matches...
  2. Well said. Also, if De Bruyne can improve the defensive side of his game...we could have a solid pivot with Ramires - De Bruyne for years to come. De Bruyne has all the skills to become a good CM and I think that's where his future lies..considering the amount of attacking talent we have at the moment.
  3. I just get the feeling that Courtois will be leaving at the end of this season. He's not going to agree to another loan spell...when he could be the #1 GK at any top european club (excluding Bayern, Juventus) As for Cech, I don't see him being sold. He's a fan favourite and alongside JT, he's the backbone of our team..
  4. Even if Pogba was a starter at Chelsea, he wouldn't solve our midfield problems. We would still lack someone capable of sitting back and controlling the tempo of the match.
  5. Pogba ain't leaving Juve...we should be talking about more 'realistic' targets.
  6. To be fair, any solid keeper would look good playing for Barcelona. Valdes is decent...but if he was playing for a weaker club with no world-class players, would he be capable of making constant saves?
  7. @Tomo, There are more quality keepers out there now..in comparison to 1999 when Schmeichel left for Sporting..
  8. I would hate to see Courtois playing for Barcelona.
  9. I'm not saying De Gea is immune to mistakes..but the most important thing for a young keeper is confidence and developing an understanding with your defenders. And so far this season...De Gea has had to work with a constantly changing back four (due to injuries/fitness concerns)...
  10. The only way I see De Bruyne getting into Chelsea's first team is if BOTH Schurrle and Willian get injured/suspended at the same time.. Last season we were desperately looking for an attacking midfielder to provide depth...this season we're overloaded with attacking mids.
  11. Okay analysis....way, way too long. Probably second best analysis i've read on this forum...the best would have to be Hjperdeath (or however you spell the name)
  12. The best pundits are Tyler and Gary Neville. Danny Murphy seems alright on MOTD. The worst pundits are Gullit, Redknapp and Andy Gray
  13. I actually think buying all those new players will hurt Spurs this season. They have the quality to challenge for the top 4...but who would they replace in the top 4? I just don't see Spurs beating Chelsea, City or even Arsenal. Maybe United will screw up badly under Moyes...
  14. Maybe Lukaku had a chat with Sturridge about sitting on Chelsea's bench whilst a past-it striker gets multiple chances to prove himself? To be honest, if Chelsea won't give Lukaku a proper chance, I hope he gets sold. The loan spell to Everton was a good decision...but as I said before, the timing of the loan spell wasn't right.
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