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  1. We're stagnating, stagnating badly. What's that old expression? "Nothing wins like winning"? We need some dirty gritty sweaty wins, and I mean more than one in a row. The mentality just isn't there. We need to get it back. Mou needs to tell them to play smart, play secure and play as a fucking team.
  2. Hmm, the home kit looks suspiciously like the 14/15 Schalke home kit.
  3. I meant in terms of managing one's own website, promoting products through ClickBank or Adsense.
  4. Anyone have any luck making money online? I messed around with fiverr a year or so ago but only ended up with $50 or so after months.
  5. Sponsors are easily bought and sold. My own experience with Turkish was horrible. Besides poor service, their staff actually reeked of body odor every time they would bring something (when they remembered). I don't know, maybe it's me.
  6. On a side note, Turkish Airlines as an airline is absolutely horrid. Their PR team is doing wonders because the actual product is atrocious. Terrible service.
  7. City are preparing a bid but according to numerous sources he prefers London. Now lets get it done.
  8. 1. United 2. Liverpool 3. City 4. Spurs 5. Arsenal
  9. Love the guy - please Mou makes this happen.
  10. I don't see a big problem with Torres. People are almost desperate to get rid of him at this point - because why, not having him here will somehow help us? Everybody would like a different striker at his position, and hopefully less of a hit in the wages department, but since he's here - he can be utilized. He hasn't been some sort of cancer in the locker room and I doubt Mou will put up with pouting for playing time, meaning he'll be a serviceable third striker for us.
  11. Chicharito has to have the most punchable face in the Prem. No thanks, can't stomach the guy.
  12. FFS Frank what are you doing.
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