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  1. Myself yesterday after massive miss:
  2. You are Korean, your favorite player is Oscar, wanna see Lamela and have a Raul photo? You are nuts my friend.
  3. I just hope we will start playing with the same players for a few matches, defining our most competitive Starting XI is a must after these results.
  4. I want to see this night Willian! or I'll be piss.
  5. I'm so excited to see us back to the CL and much more about the Willian posibility of being Starting XI. He is going to shut some mouths.
  6. I believe is already open since Tuesday. Confirm: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2412409/50-players-loan-moves-Football-League.html
  7. This guy is going to do it big. Pace and sharpness is what we need, he owns that.
  8. Hold on one sec, Demba BA 80.000 while Oscar 40k and Mata 67k? We are nuts.
  9. Has been sold to Liverpool...
  10. 35m? please god, let it be true.
  11. Our president is Russian dealing with another Caucasian team, will be an easy deal.
  12. Another winger? Oh yeah, get them all. PS: Jackson Martinez, Yilmaz, Rooney or even Eto'o, but no more wingers please (I would like to keep all that we actually have).
  13. BA never showed nothing really, this guy in 5 minutes was quality and opened the lines. He must be Starting XI vs ManU (remember last year )
  14. IkE

    Demba Ba

    BA leave us, please.
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